How a SMART Garden Gym Can Improve Your Health
17 July 2019

How a SMART Garden Gym Can Improve Your Health

Home gyms are becoming a very popular lifestyle choice for fitness fanatics, completely changing the way fitness is approached, and all from the comfort of your own home.

There is no doubt about it, exercise is vitally important for our health and wellbeing and is so often overlooked due to other constraints in life such as time, cost and flexibility, which is exactly why home gyms are rising in popularity.

Garden Room Gym

A home gym has so many benefits, so if you’re debating whether or not a home gym would be beneficial to you, take a further look at the benefits listed below.

Reduced Costs

As exercise rises in popularity, the cost of gym memberships also rises and this can be a barrier for some to fully engage with the idea of joining a gym!

For those of us that do actually make it that far, what can we expect; at worst a lengthy membership contract, or at best, an ongoing monthly fee. How many of us have said that if we commit to the payments we will actually go – too many!

Unfortunately, it can then so often become a viscous cycle of trying to get there enough times to make the membership cost effective, quickly becoming a burden on our time and our finances.

This money could therefore be better spent on creating your very own garden gym, allowing you to create your perfect space to exercise at your leisure, with your favourite pieces of equipment, all from the comfort of your own home.

Binkys Garden Gym

Binky Felstead in her SMART Garden Gym

No Travelling: Home Gyms are the Answer

Installing your very own garden gym cuts out the need to travel to a gym which is a huge benefit when trying to motivate yourself to go and can often be the catalyst not to!

For those that are able to walk to the gym, it can still be a step too far after a long days work. Travelling by car not only impacts on fuel consumption but also our time, especially as most gyms are located in busy towns and cities. There is nothing worse after a hard day at work getting caught in traffic and then getting home late. So for many, it is actually the travelling to and from the gym after work that prevents them from going.

With a garden gym, visiting the gym will never be so easy, as it will always be just a few steps from your own back door.

Garden Gyms allow Flexibility

One of the biggest issues with a gym is having to share the equipment which can cause delays in your time as you wait for your turn. Quick sessions can often become lengthy and stressful.

One of the most appealing things about a home gym is their constant availability. Having your own gym, set up with all your own favourite equipment, for use whenever you want, any time day and night, can really motivate you to stick at it and help you get in shape quicker.

A home gym allows you to use a gym on your own terms, fitting in workouts when it suits you and your hectic lifestyle. You could soon be finishing a gym session at home in the time that it would take you to drive to a gym and get into your gym gear!

Garden Room gym interior

Garden Rooms can so easily be used as gyms!

A Healthy Lifestyle

Many studies have shown that exercising can dramatically reduce stress levels and the feeling of anxiety. By creating your very own home gym, this will allow you to enjoy exercising as part of your daily routine enabling you to relax and relieve yourself of stress through exercise whenever you want, day or night.

And what better way to introduce your family to the benefits of exercise. A home gym means that you and the whole family can enjoy keep fit and healthy together from the comfort of your own home.


Garden Gym Temple Folly Range

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We have installed numerous home gyms – they’re just so convenient and versatile. With six ranges to choose from in a wide variety of sizes, plus a multitude of optional extras and upgrades, it has never been easier to create your very own perfect garden gym. What’s more, boasting full insulation, double-glazing and optional climate control, it truly will be usable all your round, no matter what the weather. We can even extend the internal ceiling height to give you more flexibility for those larger pieces of equipment.

Overall, our garden gyms are a very cost-effective way of bringing regular exercise into your life without the need for expensive memberships or going to and from a public gym.

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