3.7m x 2.6m

Size: 3.7m x 2.6m (12ft 7ins x 9ft 2ins)

Floor Space: 74 SQ Ft (10ft 5ins x 6ft 8ins)

Pricing from £20,850.00 £17,375.00 ex VAT

All of our buildings are individually made to a customer’s own specification and prices are subject to a site survey. The deposit amount is based on 25% of our 'From' price + VAT. Please note that VAT will be added at the checkout. Please read our Terms and Conditions here

The Temple Folly 3.7m x 2.6m

From warm dusks sipping prosecco, busy days where you don’t even have the time to note the weather to your morning yoga routine, the solo offers a space that truly can be designed around your lifestyle and wants. With ample space to put to good use, the additional light from the beautifully designed high line glass feature & the detailed design including flooring and lighting, this will become a space you simply don’t wish to share!