Thorndon Primary School

This primary school in Suffolk was looking for a contemporary learning space with a difference; a space in which they could bring the outside in and their pupils could thrive in a different learning environment.

The Quarto Ultra provides a spacious 5.3m x 3.2m internal space and unlimited floor-to-ceiling double glazing, the specification of this additional learning space with double doors and plenty of eye-level windows at the rear has enabled the school pupils to enjoy plenty of natural light. The room is fully insulated throughout, ensuring that the children are comfortable in an engineered building all year round.

The melamine coated internal walls are easy to keep clean and just as versatile as a wall display space for the childrens’ artwork too!

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How has your Smart made a difference to your school?

“The children feel very special being able to use the Ultra as a learning space. The extra teaching space has made a critical difference to the school; Our school has grown rapidly and in order to continue to provide a high quality education we needed this additional space. Having a garden office has made all the difference. We wanted a building that was more personal and bespoke and less utilitarian than a mobile classroom or cabin. We have really been able to make the building our own and the children feel very warm and cosy inside.”