6.4m x 3.2m Ultra

Size: 6.4m x 3.2m (21 ft x 10’6 ft)

Floor Space: 210 SQ FT

Pricing from £30,050.00 £25,041.67 ex VAT

All of our buildings are individually made to a customer’s own specification and prices are subject to a site survey. The deposit amount is based on 25% of our 'From' price + VAT. Please note that VAT will be added at the checkout. Please read our Terms and Conditions here

The 6.4m x 3.2m Ultra

The ultimate home office or party space, the Ultra provides 6.4m x 3.2m
This large and capacious building minimises its impact on your garden space through architectural features including the unique ‘floating wall’. This feature gives all Ultra buildings the appearance of being ‘lightweight and floating’, whilst remaining steadfastly solid and heavy in construction. Consequently, this substantial building is unlikely to dominate your garden whilst offering exceptional interior space.

Dimensions: 6.4m x 3.2m Interior
– Enormous home office or family room

– Versatile layout to suit your lifestyle

– Robust 150mm TuSC chassis

– High-spec security features



Installation Details

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This Ultra is the largest Ultra in our range. It offers an enormous amount of space that is there for you to personalise.

Quinto-Ultra-4There’s so much potential with the Ultra, to make this your favourite room at your property.

Quinto-Ultra-4It takes just 2-3 days to install. Our expert team design and create the building in our UK factory, and build the Ultra in your garden, hassle free.

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