Outdoor Playrooms

A SMART® Outdoor Playroom can be fun for everyone!

However, if your little ones’ playroom is also your living room, dining room or spare room – or if your teenager’s noisy den is a little too close for comfort, it certainly isn’t much fun for you. Whether it’s an after-school chill-out zone, a rainy afternoon of arts and crafts, or a games room you’re looking for, we can help you create the perfect outdoor playroom for you and your family.

All the windows and doors on our SMART® Outdoor Playrooms can be configured to your own requirements, meaning you can create the perfect kids playhouse that’s full of light with windows and doors in all the right places.

With sizing options completely in your hands, the price of the space is cost-effective for you and perfect for all those toys, gizmos and gadgets.

What’s more, the interior of the SMART® Outdoor Playroom is finished in wipe-clean easy-to-maintain interiors, with the optional extra of wooden floors meaning spills and splashes are easy to keep at bay.

The majority of our range of SMART® Garden Playrooms will not require planning permission – if the circumstances arise in which they do, we manage the whole application for you AND there’s more – we’re on-site and off-site before you’ve even said, “Kids, dinner’s ready!”

No building site and no long stays, meaning no disruption to your normal family routine! What’s not to love about it?

Interested in a SMART® Outdoor Playroom for you and your family? Why not start with a closer look at our Ultra and Key Studio ranges of garden rooms.


Customise and personalise your SMART® space

We work with you to design your ultimate space, from initial concept through to configuration; then we get to work handcrafting the entire building from start to finish, by your side, ready to assist every step of the way.


Whatever your needs are, a SMART® garden room can be configured and customised to meet your own personal specification which means that your garden room will soon become an integral part of your day to day life.



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