Why SMART Garden Rooms Make The Best Hobby Rooms
12 June 2019

Why SMART Garden Rooms Make The Best Hobby Rooms


SMART garden rooms have been installed in 1000s of home owners’ gardens across the UK, in a whole range of different styles, sizes and configurations. Each and every one built and installed to suit our customers’ exact requirements. With some exceptional personalisation options and the freedom to configure windows, doors, plug sockets, switches, sizes, colours and styles, our garden rooms soon become the perfect new room to hang out in, and there is no better place for getting creative. Here the SMART team tell you why…

Garden Room Class Room

Surrounded By Nature

Familiar surroundings induce a sense of calm in our busy lives, so having your very own studio nestled in your garden surrounded by nature and tranquillity is a sure way to get the creativity flowing.

Working in a space that was designed by you, complete with your own personal touches, in your own environment, is quite simply the perfect way to work.

Garden Rooms offer Peace & Quiet

Peace and quiet can be a rarity in this modern age, and this is just another one of the reasons why our garden rooms are loved so much. No constant interruptions, no distractions, just calm and quiet so that you can focus on your favourite things.

SMART Hobby Room

Light A-Plenty

Natural light is one of the most important elements in any hobby room and with all of our garden rooms, this is completely within your control as you have the freedom to place the windows and doors on your SMART, wherever you wish, letting that natural light flood in.

With so many glazing options available to you, from floor-to-ceiling glass panel to roof-lights, you truly can create a space that not only provides you with the perfect outlook, it will be the perfect place to work in too.


Unlike most hobbyists that have to take over a room in the house or keep invading the dining room, with your own garden studio, you can set it up exactly as you wish and tidying up will immediately become a thing of the past, leaving you free to enjoy your hobby in ways you never have before – and never having to apologise for it either!

Garden Rooms & Customisation

With so many ranges and so many size options, there really is a SMART to suit all tastes, garden sizes and budgets, so if you think that this is an extravagance out of your reach then look again! You really can utilise what you already have, extend your usable space with minimum fuss and hassle within a matter of days, and the best part of all is that it will also add value to your property.

Garden Rooms Art Studio

Making It Your Own

As you would expect, SMART also offers a whole host of optional extras to ensure you can create that perfect space, whether that be a stunning fitted desk, limitless shelving, storage, wi-fi controlled lighting, climate control or motion sensor exterior lighting – you really won’t be left wanting!

So whether you are a budding artist, a novice seamstress or you simply have a penchant for creating your very own miniature railway, take a look at what SMART can offer you.

Order our free SMART catalogue today, filled to the brim with ideas and inspiration to help you on your way to creating your dream new space. It also includes inspirational stores to get you creativity flowing.

And don’t forget… our Consultants are always on hand to visit and create your perfect garden studio with you, completely free and with no obligation.

Get in touch with our team today and let us help you make your dream a reality.