What Type of Garden Room is Best for Me?
15 April 2021

What Type of Garden Room is Best for Me?

If you’re looking for ways to add much-needed space to your home, a small garden room could give you everything you need and more.

A purposefully designed space, the small garden room is very much on-trend.

That’s why at SMART Garden Offices alone, we have seven ranges available in 60+ sizes in 13 different colours. That’s quite literally hundreds of possible options, which pretty much takes you into the realms of a near-on bespoke design.

So where do you start in choosing a garden room that suits your design aspirations, lifestyle, outdoor space and budget? A good place is with narrowing your initial small garden room options to two or three ranges. That way, you can weigh up your choices by carefully considering how you intend to use your space.

Will it primarily be a garden office, an art studio, a gym, a home business or a social space? Or is your plan to create a multifunctional room?

It’s important to be clear about how you wish to use your small garden room before deciding on your preferred design and layout. To help you, we visit three of our most popular garden room ranges.

Affinity Range

A real design statement, our Affinity range effortlessly connects with the outside to give you an insulated garden room that works in perfect harmony with your garden.

A striking and sensual design, its irregular, vertical larch cladding sets it apart from other insulated garden room ranges.

A great entertaining space

Affinity is particularly popular with those seeking an alternative to the traditional extension as a solution for more social space.

There’s no compromise with this insulated garden room when it comes to comfort and style.

Every little detail has been carefully considered to entice guests – from the welcoming front portico and integral decked shapes to the soft lighting.

It makes for the perfect social soiree. With its complimentary canopy for alfresco dining, it’s a fabulous place to gather. When the sun finally sets, you and your guests can retreat indoors without having to step away from this purposefully designed space.

Moreover, high-quality black or grey UPVC low e-glass double glazed windows and doors and fully insulated walls make it ideal for entertaining all year round.

Affinity Office at Night

Entertain your guests outside and enjoy alfresco dining!

An inspiring garden office

Affinity is also ideal as a stylish insulated garden office. With floor-to-ceiling glazing, you can work with maximum natural light for the best part of the day and benefit from the embrace of warm lighting as the evening draws in.

What’s more, if you fancy a change of scenery, you can simply open your doors and step out onto your canopy for a coffee.


Key Studio Range

Starting from £9,115, the Key Studio range is warm and inviting, making it the ideal small garden room for arts and crafts or expansive multifunctional space.

Your very own garden art studio

To work effectively as an artist, you need an insulated garden office or studio that enables you to create without distraction, where you can indulge in your talent.

The traditional lines and soft style of the Key Studio’s thermowood make a cosy creative retreat.

Best of all, the artist in you can configure your small garden room however you wish. You can choose from bifold doors to double or porthole windows to make sure you’re never wanting for natural sunlight.

You’ll be surrounded by nature as you create your finest work.

Garden room

Let nature guide your creativity.

A multifunctional space

As with all our garden rooms, the Key Studio range works well as a multipurpose space too. In fact, many of our clients use their insulated garden room as a place to retreat to in the middle of the day.

We quite often design garden studios for our clients with a soft-furnished break-out area in mind.

Garden room interior

Take a moment to relax and unwind in your soft-furnished break-out area.

We also partition larger Key Studio garden rooms to offer a multifunctional space with partitioned walls. The client in this picture wanted to use one of the ‘rooms’ as an insulated garden office and the other as an outdoor family room.

Key Studio Office

Separate your space with our partitioned walls.

Evolve Range

New to 2021, our Evolve Range is a re-engineered take on what was our classic design. Strong, handsome and versatile, it is already beginning to attract those looking for a garden office that looks good and will withstand the test of time.

Evolve Range Exterior

A glimpse into our latest range – the Evolve Range.

A smart man-cave

Evolve makes the ideal Man Cave or She Shed.

With an impressive choice of colours and a wide range of optional extras, you can go to town to create the perfect space that’s just for you.

Imagine pouring yourself a cold beer or a glass of pinot from your fridge in your very own small garden room. A place that’s 100% unequivocally yours and packed full of all your favourite things.

With over 60+ sizes to choose from, you may even decide to have a partitioned Man Cave and She Shed so that no one gets left out!


The perfect gym

Starting at £9,245, Evolve is already proving popular with those looking for a home gym. With average gym memberships costing between £500-600 per year, if not more, it’s easy to see the appeal. There’s no commute to your local fitness club, vying for equipment or having to arrive at set times.

All you need is several pieces of equipment, and you’ll be well on your way.

As with all our ranges, Evolve is a fully insulated garden room with modern double-glazed doors and windows. Moreover, high-grade insulation is included in the floors, ceiling and walls to ensure you can work out comfortably all year round.

Our SMART garden rooms are also fully lockable to ensure your gym equipment is secure. Plus, we can create made-to-measure blinds for complete privacy.


Garden room gym

Work up a sweat in your fully insulated garden room.

Start your garden room journey now…

If you’re ready to create your small garden room, you’ll want the flexibility to design a space that works for you and your lifestyle.

We frequently travel to clients in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and London to offer complimentary design consultations. Using our CAD/CAM technology, we turn your vision into reality. Attention to detail is vital as we discover exactly where the sun rises and sets, how much natural light you want, and the architectural features that compliment your lifestyle.

With a SMART garden office, you’ll never feel the bite of winter or the burn of summer. Our garden offices have been thoughtfully designed to be comfortable all year round. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, we offer a ten-year guarantee on all our products.

To start exploring your options, please order a copy of our brochure.