Waterside Living - A SMART Could Be The Solution
31 October 2018

Waterside Living – A SMART Could Be The Solution

Our work and lifestyle balance has changed considerably over the past decade and has become an increasingly popular topic too.

With the world more connected than ever before, the morning commute is less important than it once was and long-distance travel for short business meetings are now a thing of the past – you can be in a meeting with a click of a button. This means that we have more time to spend with family and friends and to do the things we love.

Beautiful Garden Room on Cornwall Coast

Rural Focus to Living Well

More people than ever are choosing locations that reflect their change in lifestyle, with more time to enjoy outdoors or indulge in hobbies. Being by the coast, a river or docks has become an increasingly popular decision and it’s so easy to see why. So what does this have to do with SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios?

Our Smart garden rooms fit perfectly into this growing demand for waterside living too.

Quality garden office – the Ultra

SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios has more personalised options and ranges to give you the flexibility to have a room that reflects your home, personality and lifestyle and we’re proud to be the UK’s most popular garden room supplier.

Extra space at a fraction of the cost: No need to move or extend

A SMART Garden Room is a great space-saving solution, so if moving to your dream location means giving up on some space, a SMART Garden Room, Office or Studio can give you that extra space at a lower cost. Meaning the spare room can quickly become your new favourite room.

Dedicated Working Space

The new move may mean you no longer want to commute every day or at all, so having a dedicated room to work will help you with the transition from transport to tranquil. Our garden rooms are known for being the pinnacle of office design. With unlimited double glazing and complete freedom in configuration, you’ll wonder why you ever waited.

Plus, if you’re moving close to the water and have a view, what better way to enjoy it than with a room outside? Your new love for being by the water has given us the chance to build some truly amazing spaces and we’re so excited that this trend is going to give us more opportunities. The perfect solution and the most amazing statement – what a perfect combination. Check out our case study of our customers who live cliffside on the coast of Cornwall

Hobby Room

Or, if your new home is all about play instead of work, then your choice of location and search for a more easy-going lifestyle can be reflected in a hobby room to make the most of your new-found routine. From artist studios to a hideaway, our SMART Garden Rooms, Offices and Studios are ideal.

Garden Room

Of course, because of the unique construction system of a SMART, the extremities of weather you often find by the water and openness needn’t be a cause for concern. They can withstand the toughest of winds or rain and with a 5-year guarantee, you can rest easy knowing your dream space is built with not only style, but substance too.


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So, if you’ve recently relocated or are thinking of doing so, have a chat with the garden room experts on how a SMART could be the ideal solution for you. We can make this move super simple and beneficial for the whole family.

We have seven stunning ranges to choose from and up to 10 spacious and intelligent sizes, meaning there’s a style and size to suit every taste and budget, to check them out, you can order your free brochure today.