Try These 7 Modern Garden Room Design Ideas
30 September 2021

Try These 7 Modern Garden Room Design Ideas

Imagine setting your alarm an extra hour early every morning, sidestepping the daily commute, or escaping to a peaceful space that’s just yours. You see, purchasing a modern garden room is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a practical one.

If you think about it, a contemporary garden room is designed to accommodate modern living. It could be that you need an outside office to work from all year round or you want an impressive entertaining space for all the family to use. Or maybe you just need a quiet space; a place where you can relax and lose yourself.

What Garden Room Suits You?

With a contemporary garden room, there are virtually no limits. At SMART Garden Offices, we never tire of hearing about how our clients use their garden rooms. Besides the obvious garden office or outside lounge area, today’s contemporary garden room is home to an array of inspired spaces from music rooms and yoga retreats to home businesses and more!

As near to bespoke as you can get, each of our 7 contemporary garden room ranges is available in over 60 sizes. This means that there’s a garden room for everyone.

With so much choice, where do you start with deciding on a contemporary garden room that’s perfect for your lifestyle, space and budget? A good place to start is by narrowing your garden room options to a couple of bespoke ranges, and here are three of our most popular.

Affinity Range

A true design statement, our Affinity range is perfect for entertaining since it effortlessly connects with the outside. The clue is in the name, as ‘affinity’ means a liking for or attraction to something. If you are looking for a sophisticated, modern, sleek design, the irregular larch cladding sets the Affinity apart from any other contemporary garden room. The welcoming front portico with integral decking also provides a fabulous alfresco dining area.

Exterior of Affinity Range Office

Key Studio Range

Starting from just £10,525, the Key Studio contemporary garden room range is a firm favourite for those looking for a bespoke arts and crafts studio.

The natural tones of the soft thermowood make for a traditionally warm and inviting space with a modern twist. And with the option to choose the colours of the chassis, fascias and windows, from striking black to contemporary grey, you can design and create a truly bespoke modern garden room.

Key Studio from the outside

Best of all, you can make your Key Studio a cosy place to retreat to as it’s a wonderfully versatile space. We love what the owner of this crafts studio has done by including a breakout space made from her very own creations:

Key studio contemporary interior

Evolve Range

If you’re looking for a contemporary garden room that has a more robust British feel, the Evolve range is a great option. With hand-painted vertical panelling and a front overhanging roof, Evolve is a popular choice for home gyms, man caves and garden offices.

As with all our modern garden rooms, there’s an incredible amount of design flexibility. For a start, there are over 16 paint colours to choose from and you have complete control when it comes to the positioning of glazing.

Evolve Range Garden Office

Choose 7 Modern Design Ideas

There’s much more to consider besides the exterior finish of course. When it comes to modern garden room ideas, furniture and décor are just as important.

With more time spent at home than normal this year, people have been incredibly inspiring with their interior designs. So, we thought we’d put together a list of our top 7 garden room interior ideas.

  1. Coastal Vibes

Well, top of our list of garden room interior ideas is this Cornish coastline inspired Affinity Garden Room. We love how owners Paul and Katharine have created their very own luxury retreat nestled among wildflowers and overlooking the deep blue sea. The nautical theme flows inside with luxury crisp white furniture and expansive coastal artwork. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to paint than from the deck overlooking the cliff edge.

Collage of Garden office by the sea.


  1. Monochrome & Wood

You may have seen this garden room interior idea featured on Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate. The owner of this purpose-built SMART garden office is a big Lego and Star Wars fan and so he chose a sleek black storage unit to sit behind his bespoke handmade desk. We absolutely love the luxury black and white monochrome look, which is mirrored in the faux fur rug for texture and warmth.

Wooden interior examples from SMART rooms


  1. Quintessential British

One of our most popular ranges is the British Suffolk Barn, which pays homage to traditional heritage design and craftmanship. In terms of garden room interior ideas, the wooden beams are a subtle nod to times past and the matching dark wood ties the whole look together. The addition of a porthole to this high line roof and matching canopy creates a luxury feel. We cannot wait to see what furniture the owners finally settle on.

  1. Mediterranean

If Mediterranean-inspired modern garden room ideas are what you’re after, then you’ll be pleased to know that the look can be achieved with minimal fuss. We love what owners Carol and Pete have achieved with the continental-inspired garden room that they affectionately call The Keep. Ok, so the pictures do not reveal the interior, but as you can see, they’ve used their garden room as the central aspect of their white-walled garden complete with plants, furniture and luxury bespoke sunken seating. We’ve been told that they’ve since kitted out their internal space with a coffee machine, beer fridge, a desk for silverwork, and an Alexa for those holiday vibes!


  1. Ultra Outdoor Living

Since our garden rooms are designed to be comfortable all year round, indoor furniture such as sofas, oversized throws, leatherback seats and coffee tables create that home-from-home feeling. As a modern garden room idea, we love how the owners of this Ultra garden room can enjoy the garden during the day and then retreat to the warm and inviting interior when night falls.

Ultra Office Exterior


  1. The Hobbyist’s Haven

If you love arts and crafts, we have some creative garden room interior ideas darted throughout our website and in our brochure that’ll help you design your space.

The owner of this Ultra-luxury hobby garden room has worked wonders with her professional sewing business. Every square inch of space has a dedicated purpose. Even the outside area is equally as creative with delicate potted plants, lanterns and wind chimes.

walkway to garden room


  1. The Ultimate Family Space

A list of modern garden room ideas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ultimate family party pad. One of the most impressive ones we’ve seen is this fabulous dual Belle garden room that has been partitioned into a music studio and a family snug. They’ve even gone as far as to light the luxury interior with blue LED lighting to add to the ambience. The large rattan garden furniture and hot tub complete the look for this luxury family space.

Outdoor view of Belle garden room

Order Your Brochure Now

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the different modern garden room ideas. As you can see, there are so many creative and inspiring ways people are choosing to use their space. In fact, our brochure is packed full of images (84 to be precise!) that our clients have kindly allowed us to use. So, if you’re keen to see how other people have designed their garden room, please download a copy.

With so many different garden room sizes to choose from and seven different ranges (starting from £10,525), we also encourage you to visit our SMART Configurator. You can design your perfect SMART garden room from scratch, flitting between ranges, layouts and internal finishes until you find ‘the one’. Then simply search ‘Smart Garden Room Visualiser’ on App Store or Google Play to view your design in your very own garden, on your mobile phone or iPad.

Don’t forget that we also offer complimentary design consultations to clients living in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and London and deliver and install throughout mainland UK. If you have any questions about our reach though, simply give us a call.