26 March 2020


As more of us become self-isolated or home working has been enforced, this may well be one of the most challenging times of our lives and we will need to draw deep to cope with the situation.

Working from home is not for everyone, it takes a high level of self-motivation, often people feel isolated and struggle to remain focused on their daily tasks, especially if they are having to juggle family life too!

SMART have been an advocate of garden home offices and home working for many years and would like to provide you with some really useful tips to keep motivated during this difficult time.

Garden room interior

A Dedicated Space

This is an absolute must. Working off the dining room table with the hustle and bustle of the family or pets around you will provide too many distractions, your focus will drift and then your work rate will drop. Where possible light, bright and uncluttered spaces are more motivational.

Everything You Need at your Fingertips

Plan your space so that everything you need to work comfortably is within reach, otherwise you will forever be wandering around looking for things and then getting distracted again! Just like you were in the office, set up for the day at work.


Structure to your day is as equally important as a dedicated workspace. Without it you will quickly find that nothing will get done and then your stress levels will rise. Routine is also important for good sleep and mental health. Work would normally start at a set time, so implement the same process when working from home.

Take Advantage of Extra Time

If your normal working day includes a significant amount of wasted time commuting then use this time to get ahead or finish early, spend more time enjoying the things you like to do or spend more time with your family. This can be treated as a reward for keeping your focus during normal working hours.

A Neutral and Calming Space

Garish décor and lots of noise will not help you to settle into your work. Where possible mimic your normal working environment therefore find a neutral zone away from the noise. However, consider playing soothing music in the background as this may stop you feeling isolated.

Regular Breaks

In order to keep yourself focused and fresh, it is important that you take the regular breaks, providing time away from your screens and allowing you to refuel your body. Be sure to take a full lunch break, leave your computer and you will feel rejuvenated when you return.


In order to keep in touch with your work colleagues and stop feeling so isolated, it is important that you remember you are at work and keep yourself up to date with what is going on. But rather than just email, you should speak to colleagues via the phone or video calling, especially others who are working from home.


It is important to exercise, if only to get some fresh air to clear your head. This is a great way to incorporate into your routine a personal fitness programme with simple exercises to keep your mind and body active.

We hope that this helps any of you that are struggling, and if you need your very own dedicated garden home office, then just give us a call on either 01359 271942 or 0800 242 5559. We’ll be only too happy to assist you. You can also request one of our free catalogues by clicking on this link.