The SMART Forest | Our mission to reverse climate change
13 January 2022

The SMART Forest | Our Mission to reverse climate change

The SMART Forest | Our mission to reverse climate change

As a business who relies on natural materials, wood, transportation & energy to create unique and beautiful garden rooms for our customers, we understand the importance of combatting the catastrophic impact that climate change and global warming is having on people, wildlife, and the environment and that we must act now to combat this terrible situation.

In November 2021, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26, (the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference) was held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cop26 Climate Change Meeting

Its aim was to discuss and plan for the future of climate change and to get all countries to sign an agreement to help reverse it.

This may seem like an easy fix; however, it is not!

Some of the poorest countries on this earth, rely solely on fossil fuels, their livestock, and their land to survive, and protecting the atmosphere is a difficult option for them.

Crime is also often a result of poverty leading to illegal deforestation.


The two-week conference ended with some significant accomplishments, including new pledges on methane gas pollution, deforestation, coal financing, as well as completion of long-awaited rules on carbon trading.

More than 100 countries, both rich and underprivileged who represent 85% of the world’s forests have promised to stop deforestation (the cutting down of trees) by 2030.

More than 100 countries have agreed to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030. Methane is thought to be responsible for a third of human-made global warming.

While switching to greener fuel sources and more sustainable lifestyles is better in the long run, it will have a massive financial impact on many nations who do not have the money or resources of wealthier countries. COP26 asked the wealthier countries to dig deeper into their pockets and offer more financial support and further to this, 450 financial organisations have agreed to fund more responsible, “clean” technology like renewable energy instead of fossil fuels

There is clearly a long way to go before an agreement that all countries of the world can agree on, but it is vitally important that we all do what we can to help reverse climate change.

SMART Forest

SMART Garden Offices Mission to Reverse Climate Change

One of the most important things us humans can do, is to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and that is why SMART has pledged to playing its part in doing exactly that.

Trees naturally absorb CO2. They don’t only give us oxygen to breathe, they reduce flooding and provide homes and food for wildlife. As a supplier of timber garden rooms, we pledge to replace the wood that we use in our buildings by planting new trees every time we sell a building.

SMART Garden Offices have teamed up with Tree-Nation to offset each of our new customers yearly emissions of 9 Tonnes of CO2.

From November 2021, every new customer who places an order with us will have their average yearly emissions offset. To do this, we will plant 6 trees which offsets their yearly average of 9 Tonnes of CO2.

1 Ton CO2 example

To put this into context, this image shows 1 tonne of CO2, of which is only a minimum of 1/9th of an individual’s yearly carbon emissions.

To start our collaboration off with the Savvy Environmentalists at Tree-Nation, we planted 60 trees for each member of our staff. These initial 60 trees alone will offset 48 tonnes of CO2.

We are very excited to be a part of this great initiative and all of our customers will be able to visit our forest and track the impact that we are all having on the environment. They can even plant their own trees in our forest to help reverse climate change. Click here for the full details.

SMART Forest CO2 reduction

Why are Garden Rooms and Garden Offices a great solution for reducing carbon impact?

Well … Garden Rooms and Offices mean one thing – no travel & no carbon being emitted into the atmosphere. Whether you go to the gym, commute to work, or just like going to a place where can get away from the house, we offer 7 unique ranges in 64 size options that can be installed into your garden in just a matter of days.

Garden rooms and offices also allow you to save money and time; no costly commute fees, no monthly rents, no gym fees as well as saving you time, after all, if your garden room, office or studio is at the bottom of your garden, it will only take a few steps to reach.

Not only are Garden rooms multi-functional, but they are also 100% customisable to you and your needs, providing a lower energy solution for working.

These factors can all help beat climate change and even the simplest of actions can make a bigger impact than you may think.

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Why work from a home office?

At SMART, we are obviously strong supporters of working from home. Not only for its health, monetary and lifestyle benefits, but also for the effect it has on the environment and world around us.

Garden Rooms

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If you would like to investigate how you can engage in a better work/life balance and help combat climate change, then talk to the team at SMART today

With our industry leading Configurator and AR Visualiser App, you can even design your very own garden room, office or studio. Once you’ve settled on which SMART garden room range is your favourite by downloading a copy of our brochure, you can use the configurator on your PC, tablet or laptop to create your insulated garden room to your exact design specification.

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