Studio in the garden! Artist Jenifer Hurlock & her Smart studio.
14 May 2015

Garden Art Studios – The art studio in the garden…

Here at Smart we love hearing how our customers plan to use their new Smart garden rooms, and enjoy seeing these plans become a reality.

We were delighted when Jenifer Hurlock, a very talented artist contacted us to let us know how things were going. Jenifer has had a Smart garden art studio for over three years now and it has become part of her everyday life, so much so she has even named her website “ ” after her Smart studio.

Not only does the art studio provide a lovely spacious and comfortable room for Jennifer to get creative in the studio, it is also opened to the public once a year for an exhibition!

We’re very happy to hear that our Smart garden room has made such an impact!


“When I moved house three and a half years ago I had previously had an attic studio, as we had downsized to a smaller place all my work and equipment went into storage.  My first priority was to find a suitable “shed” or “garden office” to turn into a studio so that I could get everything out of storage.  It was by chance that I noticed an advertisement in the Daily Telegraph advertising Smart Offices.  I liked the look and received their information.  I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of the company and the speed at which everything took place.  The workmen were very efficient and it just took a day for the foundations and when these were dry just another day for the entire assembly of the building, including electrics.  The Office structure is so well insulated I can use my studio in the winter and it does not overheat in the summer.   Now, three years on it has stood the test of time and I have never looked back.  I would highly recommend Smart Offices.” – Jenifer Hurlock –