20 February 2020

SMART’s Full Range of Unique Interiors

Garden Room Interior Options

Here at SMART, we have spent years honing and developing our product ranges to meet the ever-increasing demands of this growing and diverse marketplace.

Now with 7 unique ranges to choose from, available in more than 60 sizes and with a whole host of optional extras and upgrades, there really is a SMART garden studio or office interior to suit all tastes, sizes and budgets.

As you would expect with SMART, not only do they look absolutely stunning from the outside, but we have also developed a wide variety of interior finishes to enhance the ranges and provide our customers with as many choices as possible. So – let’s take a closer look at them.

Popular 1 InteriorGarden office interior - garden studios

This is our flagship interior, available as standard on all our ranges. This 15mm white silk melamine interior is beautifully framed with natural timber beading.

Hardwearing and easy to maintain (it will only require an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth), this interior gives a perfect visual balance to the timber framing and will provide a neutral backdrop to work,rest or play.


Popular 2 InteriorContemporary garden room - garden office

For those of you that are not so keen on the natural timber beading and prefer a crisper, more modern look, we developed the Popular 2 interior.

Still constructed from the hardwearing and easy-to-maintain 15mm white silk melamine panels, we’ve just painted the natural timber beading in white to match. This interior is great for consultation suites or beauty rooms and is included as standard on our Ultra, Affinity and Belle ranges.


New England 1 InteriorGarden office interior - classic offices

Now we move on to our painted interiors. These were created  for those of you who like to take control and change your colour schemes whenever you like.

This interior  combines full-height vertical panelling, painted in a soft  neutral finish with matching painted timber beading, to provide a wonderfully classy and boxy look. This interior is great in she-sheds or garden retreats. It’s offered as an optional upgrade on all our ranges.


New England 2 InteriorAffordable garden rooms - garden office interior

The New England 2 interior is a mix of the New England 1 and the Aspen interior. Here, half height panelling meets flat painted panels divided by a classic dado rail. It’s all painted in a soft neutral finish with matching painted timber beading.

This interior provides a truly restful haven to spend some me-time’ away from all the daily hustle and bustle. It’s also an optional upgrade on all our ranges.


Aspen InteriorCool garden office - garden office interior

The Aspen interior is the perfect choice for those of you that just want a flat, neutral surface to repaint whenever the mood takes you.

It’s painted in a soft neutral finish with matching painted timber beading to provide a neutral and calming environment. An optional upgrade on all our ranges.


Flush InteriorGarden office interior - beautiful garden rooms

This is brand new to the SMART range of interiors and designed to completely hide the beading which is intrinsic to our design and construction method.

It has a durable, washable melamine interior and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes. You can even mix and match the designs to create a stunning feature wall. An optional upgrade on all our ranges.


All SMART garden office and studio interiors are designed to require minimal maintenance and will never crack like a plastered interior will.

With so many options to choose from, you can truly create your very own personal space, whether you are looking for somewhere to work, rest or play.

For more information on SMART’s ranges and interiors, click here or call us on 0800 242 5559.