Smart continues to increase garden room manufacturing capability Our second CNC machine arrives!
Smart CNC Technology
22 November 2015

SMART continues to increase manufacturing capability

Expansion at our factory and mill at Thurston Park is continuing with the arrival of our second considerable investment in our manufacturing processes in the last 18 months, as part of a total investment of over £750,000 to expand our production volume in line with customer demand in our garden offices.

10 years ago Smart Managing Director, Charlie Dalton, promised himself that he would invest in a CNC machine to continue to truly produce the best garden offices in the UK. The second phase of company investment has seen the arrival of our second CNC machine, with a dedicated investment of over £100,000 specifically in this manufacturing technology.  This brand new machinery was specified and built in Italy, exclusively for our dedicated office production line. Combining the very latest CAD/CAM technology allows exceptional productivity and unparalleled accuracy in the production of all our components, to tolerances within a fraction of a millimetre, for unbeatable quality.  This commitment to high-end manufacture enables us to continue to maintain our reputation for exceptional quality and value for money.

The latest updates to the Smart factory and mill also include a new extraction system that filters away waste sawdust in the mill and compacts it into Bricketta pellets that can be burnt on the bio-mass boilers used to heat the mill and factory in winter months. As a company Smart is now able to re-use 95% of the waste it produces and is focussed on being an environmentally responsible manufacturer of garden rooms.

For a glimpse of our CNC in action, take a look at our preview film on You Tube.