An Autumn Garden Room
26 September 2019

September – An Autumn Garden Room

Now that the summer is drawing to a close, and that longed-for Indian summer has not put in an appearance, SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios now turn its attention to the nights drawing in, switching the heating on and spending less time in our gardens.

Autumn, also known as the fall, is the transition from summer into winter, when the leaves fall from the trees after having turned into a stunning riot of colour; from green to reds, yellows, oranges and browns. The air smells crisp and cold, with a truly earthy tang.

Binky and Max

A Busy Time In The Garden

Autumn is the season that is full of changes within nature and is a busy time in the garden, despite the colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours. It is the time of the year to give it a thorough tidy by clearing away the decaying vegetation of the summer and preparing it for the cold winter months ahead, as we clear away the fallen leaves, tidy the borders, clear away old crops from the vegetable patch, trim the lawn, cut back bushes, hedges and shrubs and plant new bulbs in readiness for spring.

We should also pay particular attention to ponds, nest boxes and compost heaps so that frogs don’t get trapped under ice, and birds and hedgehogs have a perfect place to nest or hibernate.

It is also a fun time of year when people around the world celebrate and give thanks, and we associate many events with this time of year:

  • Halloween
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Apple picking
  • Fireworks
  • Harvest festivals
  • Scarecrow spotting
  • Turning the clocks back

Autumn really is the most amazing time of year and we should not have to limit our enjoyment of it, so installing a garden room really is a great way to make the most of this colourful season.

SMART’s Range of Features

SMART Garden Rooms have a whole host of features that make them perfect to work in, relax in or be creative in, throughout the autumn months. Boasting industry leading insulation in the floor, ceiling and walls, sandwiched between thick chunky walls and unlimited double glazing, this really is a room that can withstand all that the weather has to throw at us and is energy efficient too. Every SMART Garden Room is supplied with a thermostatically controlled, portable oil filled radiator to add that little bit of extra warmth, meaning running costs are kept to a minimum and comfort to a maximum. These truly are peaceful and snug retreats during the colder months.



As an added benefit, we also install our fantastic garden rooms all year round, working right through autumn – the weather doesn’t stop us either! With construction designed to be quick, simple and hassle free, we don’t need weeks on site, or to cause disruption to your day-to-day routine.

In as little as 2-3 days you can have a brand new room to enjoy and use no matter what the weather.

So if you’d like to know more, you can either:

Currently, there is still time to get your beautiful SMART garden room installed before Christmas, but our available slots are filling up quickly! So don’t delay, get in touch with us today.