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 A small footprint with such large capabilities. There’s plenty of features that make the Classic Ultras interior truly impressive. It’s the perfect size for a one person office, you can work comfortably with room to spare. It’s done in style too, with a fitted carpet, modern lighting, fully glazed windows and doors, plus electrics, you’ll have everything you need.




Smart Micros are rarely the same. You can personalise the positioning of the building, the windows, doors, colour, electrics, furniture & carpet, the list goes on. We’re here to make a Smart Garden Micro that you’ve designed with us, exactly how you require it




Installation-thumbnailIt takes just 1-2 days to install your new Smart Ultra Micro, everything is manufactured by us in our own UK factory, we take great pride in saying our Smart Garden Rooms are made by us and installed by us.




Ultra Solo

Pricing from £7,870

The Ultra solo is suitable as a one person office but for those who require just that little bit more space.

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Ultra Extro

Pricing from £9,980

For long and narrow gardens the Ultra Extro is perfect, as that’s exactly why we’ve added in into our range!

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Smart Trio Ultra

Smart Trio Ultra