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 Being our largest Smart garden Office the Classic Quintos interior really is something to be marvelled at. There’s so much potential to really create a room tat is the envy to all. The interior space is perfect for a four or five person office, or a magnificent art studio. The possibilities are endless.




Interior-Shot-2 Your Smart Garden Quinto, is designed around you. If you need lots of light to create a stunning art studio or gym, furniture to create an office that will be the envy to all, or you simply want the right colours and atmosphere to make it the perfect retreat, we’re on hand to design and personalise the Quinto with you, to make it a room your proud to call your own.





Installtion-team-thumnailThis is where our installation team really get to show off their skills and professionalism. Handmade and designed in our own factory the team will then build and create the Smart Classic Quinto within 2-3 days.




Suffolk Barn Micro

Pricing from £5,880

If you still haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, how about our Suffolk Barn Range? Built to exude a traditional rustic style, the Suffolk Barn range is a fantastic feature in all gardens.

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Suffolk Barn Solo

Pricing from £7,990

The Suffolk Barn Solo if the next size up from the Suffolk Barn Micro and offers a fantastic rural style and ample room.

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