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 Every aspect of this building exudes quality, from the attractive visible roof trusses to the high specification windows, through to the solid, heavily insulated walls with a beautiful white silk finish. The combination of white walls with timber features makes for a perfect internal ambiance.





There are treats such as specially curved corners, porthole windows and an abundance of natural light, which makes this building the only choice for those looking for a larger studio, home office or garden room. This Room is there to be personalised by you, to make it something you just can’t keep out of!



InstallationInstallation takes just 2-3 days on the Quarto. We create all the components in our UK factory then fit them all together to form a robust, strong and stylish building.





Classic Quinto

Pricing from £14,825

The Quinto is the largest building in our range and offers an impressive footprint.

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Our Ultra Range

Pricing from £5,710

If the Suffolk Barn isn’t quite what you’re looking for the have a look at our brand new Ultra Range.

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