Our Favourite 7 Ways to Use a Garden Room in Summer
03 June 2021

Our Favourite 7 Ways to Use a Garden Room in Summer

Whether you’ve already placed a garden room order or are simply looking for ideas, you’ll never be lost for inspiring garden room uses during the summer.

As our customers will tell you, a garden room is far more suited to a multifunctional space than the equivalent extension. It offers a seamless transitional space that blends outdoor and indoor living.

It’s almost impossible to make a shortlist of garden room uses, but here’s our favourite seven.


The Perfect Entertaining Pad

Many house moves are inspired by a desire to have a bit more social space for inviting people around. A summer garden room can solve this age-old entertaining dilemma.

This has got to be top of the list for garden room uses for those looking for either just a summer garden room or a dual-purpose garden office.

Many people design the rest of their outside space around their garden room, carefully zoning social areas. The owners of this double-aspect Belle summer garden room, for example, have not one but four linked social spaces; a family snug, a music room, an outside dining area and a jacuzzi spa.

Belle Range

This customer’s Belle garden room shows how versatile garden rooms can be!

A Place to Relax

Many houses favour open-plan living to bring the family together in a bright and airy space. However, short of descending to your bedroom, finding a quiet place to unwind can be difficult. An ambient summer garden room with the same thermal qualities as an extension, yet the benefit of complete calm, is ideal for the long summer holidays. Anyone whose teenagers have broken up from school or college early this year will agree.

You do not need to have a huge garden to have a relaxing space to retreat to either, as the owners of this striking yet peaceful Ultra garden room demonstrate. They’ve adorned the entire space with soft furnishings that cleverly match their outdoor furniture. It’s a real haven.

Ultra Office Exterior

A beautiful transition to outdoor and indoor living.

Outside Space for Children

Ok, so as far as garden room uses go, this one is as far away from relaxing as you’re likely to get, but a summer garden room is a great space for the kids.

Children get bored during the summer holidays, and as the days get longer, they yearn to be outside with their friends. A summer garden room is a perfect addition to family life.

If your children have their birthdays in the spring or summer, it’s a brilliant place to host an outdoor party too. If you have little ones, themed birthdays are one of our favourite garden room uses. Imagine having Aladdin’s Cave one year, Captain Jack’s Cove another, or even a Sweet 16 when they want a little bit more independence.

Freedom really is the magic word when it comes to family living. As children grow up, they crave it, and a summer garden room offers them just that. We’ve known people to add a partition wall (much like the Belle pictured above) so that one area is a games room and the other a place for parents.


Office in the Sun

With hybrid working (home and office) becoming the norm, more of us work from home. A summer garden room that can be used all year round is a fabulous way to enjoy your garden while you work.

You’ll be more inclined to take a break and feel less stressed being surrounded by nature. An increase of natural sunlight will also give you that extra boost of Vitamin D, while opening floor-to-ceiling glazed doors will provide you with a welcome blast of fresh air.

Outdoor Gym

If the idea of a 1-minute walk to an air-conditioned gym, complete with all your favourite equipment sounds great, a summer garden room is perfect.

We’ve all been there – waiting for the water rower, wiping down equipment, not to mention the commute to the gym. Having your own space to workout does wonders for your fitness levels. If there are several members of the family who have a gym membership, you could save a small fortune too.

The Temple Folly range is a firm favourite with fitness fanatics as its vaulted ceilings and front gable glass feature create a wonderfully bright and airy space.

Garden gym exterior

Your very own garden gym with lots of natural lighting.

Art Studio

This may sound like a somewhat random one, but artistry is one of the most popular garden room uses.  If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The natural light afforded by carefully positioned glazing gives a bright space for professional artists to work from. It’s also the ideal place to leave artwork out on full display so that you can come back to your canvas whenever you fancy.

Art Studio Interior

Art Studio from The Temple Folly

Man Cave or She Shed

Ruling the world can wait until Monday when you have a dedicated summer garden room to call your own. A genuinely indulgent space, man caves and she sheds have grown in popularity with people spending more time at home.

At SMART Garden Offices, there are so many ways you can personalise your garden room. You can choose from a wide range of modern painted exteriors, warm and inviting interiors, hardwood flooring, fully-fitted carpets and bespoke furniture. We even have sleek blinds that can give you that extra bit of privacy if you really want to shut off from the rest of the world, as pictured with the Belle below.

A blue Belle Range Office

A beautiful garden room from our Belle Range

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There really are no rules when it comes to creating your ideal garden room – somewhere you can comfortably spend time all year long.

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