09 April 2020


What a very strange time we all find ourselves in. It’s hardly believable, more like the latest blockbuster movie out of Hollywood, with sports matches, gigs, music festivals, theatre shows and the like having all been postponed for the foreseeable future and bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants, museums, churches and libraries all closed. Even the local park is off limits!

Having been instructed stay at home, only leaving the house for exceptional reasons, are you embracing this enforced confinement or hating it?

Well, love it or hate it, one thing for sure is that we will all be dealing with it differently and there will definitely be things that we miss and things that we don’t, and here SMART Garden Offices, suppliers of timeless garden rooms across the UK, take a look at a few of them.

Beautiful Garden Room on Cornwall Coast

What We Are Missing

1. Family and Friends Timeless garden rooms - life in a lockdown

This is probably one of the most difficult elements to deal with if you are a social butterfly and like constant company, so we must be thankful that we live in such a technological world. Despite not being able to sit in the same room as our loved ones, we can stay in touch via a wide variety of methods; telephone, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, text and video calling, and for those not so tech-savvy, what’s wrong with a good old-fashioned letter?

2. Date Nights

We all love a good date night, quality time together to enjoy a nice meal out or perhaps a trip to the cinema. Don’t despair though, you can do both things from the confines of your home with a little bit of imagination.  Whip up a gastronomic delight, set the table, add candles and soft music, oh and make sure if you have children, they are safely tucked up in their beds!  Pop the popcorn into the microwave, dim the lights, turn up the sound and settle down on your sofa to one of the latest movies through Netflix, Sky or Prime.

3. Holidays

Beautiful garden rooms - life in a lockdownWith worldwide travel at a standstill, we can all forget about our holiday plans for quite some time, but that doesn’t stop you discovering new and faraway places from the comfort of your living room. Spend your evenings discovering places you have only ever dreamt of, revel in the amazing images that you can access through the worldwide web and create traditional dishes, allowing your senses to enjoy new and exciting flavours.

4. The Hustle and Bustle

In this modern, fast paced world, we often don’t have enough time for the people we love and the things that we love to do, so this period of confinement should help us all to appreciate the simpler values of life, allow us time to reconnect with ourselves and in many cases, our children. We can spend time on our favourite hobbies without any guilt or even start an on-line course to learn new skills.

What We Are Not Missing

1. The CommuteAffordable garden rooms - garden studios

Traffic jams, cancelled or delayed trains, packed trains and buses – who on earth would be missing those? For those of us working from home, our ‘home office’ will normally be just a few steps from our bedrooms or back doors if you are lucky enough to have a garden office, so we can take our time getting up and easing ourselves into the day.

2. Setting Our Alarms

Working from home or if you have been furloughed means that you don’t have to be anywhere at any specific time which means that you can turnoff that early morning wake-up call indefinitely. What a great feeling that is, just like an indefinite holiday!

Timeless garden offices - contemporary garden rooms3. Queueing

It seems that us British spend a very large proportion of our lives queueing, whether that be for a bus, a train, at a till, at an airport or at an entrance to a gig, so this is a great miss – unless of course, you only have one bathroom in your house!

4. Travel

Whenever we set out on a journey, whether that be for business or pleasure, it’s hard to know what we are about to experience; will there be a crash, will there be a sudden set of roadworks, will service stations be busy or will there even be a parking space when we get there? It is often tiring, stressful and a complete waste of our precious time.

So, despite us finding ourselves in this incredible and completely unexpected situation, there are as many positives as there are negatives. Many of us will be using this time to recharge our batteries, spend quality time with our families, enjoy the additional time we have on our hands and perhaps even reconsider our work-life balance.

We hope that you are managing to embrace this period and are finding plenty of new and exciting activities to enjoy. If getting one of our timeless garden rooms or garden offices is on your bucket list, then we’d love to hear from you. You can find out how to contact us by following this link.


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