Is It Worth Getting a SMART Garden Office? The true value of a garden Room
16 October 2017

Is it worth getting a SMART garden office?

Is it worth getting a SMART garden office?

We will get the obvious out of the way now, of course we think it is worth getting a garden office!

Yet the reason you’re here is because you’re trying to make sure, it’s worth YOU getting a garden office, so we’ve compiled some of our latest testimonials to help you in your quest to discover “is it worth getting a garden office?”

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Further to this, below are some testimonials and case studies from a range of customers, who have decided to go ahead with a garden room, for a collection of different reasons…

An Artists Haven…

Ms P’s Suffolk Barn Extro, Ms P required a light, spacious garden studio, to enable her to get creative and make her works of wonder!

“The result is that I now have a functional studio room which allows me to work in peace and quiet, is inexpensive to heat in winter and has the added bonus of being only a few steps away from where I live” 

Garden Art Studio

Miss J now has the perfect creative artistic hideaway underneath the trees in her Hammersmith garden.

This impressive building is specified with plenty of south-facing floor-to-ceiling glass; With the addition of bi-fold doors and a porthole window set in the high line roof, Miss J is able to enjoy plenty of natural light in her new creative studio at the bottom of the garden.

Garden Art StudioGarden Room Ultra

A Place to escape and find some peace and quiet…

Mr A was searching for the perfect space to spend his retirement…

“In the short time since the office was constructed (which took just two days on site) we have started using this wonderful new room frequently and are absolutely thrilled that it is even better than we dared imagine.”

is a garden studio worth the expense?


Mr M sums up perfectly why our Smart Garden Offices make such fantastic offices…

“My Smart office gives me a quiet place to work, it means I don’t disturb my family with the constant calls at odd times of day and it gives me a clear separation between work and home without having to travel to an office. It has transformed the way I work and made working from home so much more balanced than a home study. I would recommend this to anyone who works from home!”

From classrooms, art studios and hideaways to the perfect office space, there’s plenty to think about when beginning you garden room project, however we have for the last 16 years heard time and time again from customers who simply couldn’t imagine not having a Smart Garden Office!