Ideas to Create the Perfect Garden Studio
03 September 2021

Ideas to Create the Perfect Garden Studio

One thing all creatives and yogis can agree on, whether professional or hobbyists, is that having the right space to be at one in is essential. So when entering your studio, you should feel unrestricted, at peace, and inspired.

Space is not just necessary for freely sprawling equipment; it also gives you a sense of place, somewhere you can clear your mind to indulge in your craft.

At SMART Garden Offices, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of fine artists, portrait artists, graphic designers, illustrators, writers, foley artists, and even sculptures invest in a garden studio. We’ve also seen people create their very own ashram (yoga retreat).

In part, the desire to find a more cost-effective purposeful space has driven the demand. The cost of renting a creative studio can quickly run into thousands of pounds. With rental prices on the increase, it is becoming harder to justify the expense. Instead of remaining beholden to a landlord, the creative community is keen to keep their own space. They see a garden studio as an investment of sorts and either purchase one outright or spread the cost with incremental payments over a couple of years. Some even choose to rent their garden studio space to other creatives they know!

Choose Your Garden Studio’s Function

Your environment has a huge impact on your minds-eye, so where do you start designing your ideal garden studio?

Well, it depends on what you want to use your studio for. A garden art studio, for example, will need to meet very different needs than a garden yoga studio.

Selecting a garden art studio

To be the artist you want to be, you need a studio that awakens you – a space where you feel inspired and motivated.

Optimal art studios combine space with natural light. It’s why many artists choose to commission the build of a garden art studio. They are surrounded by nature yet still within walking distance of their home. Having a garden art studio means that they can get to work when they feel most creative – whether that’s first thing in the morning or midnight.

Of course, if you’re a professional creative, you need to have space that works in all weather. It’s no good having a garden room that’s too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter.

When choosing your garden art studio, pay careful attention to its insulation qualities. It may be heavenly painting in the summer months, but what about those cold, crisp winter mornings? Your chosen design must comfortably accommodate you all year round.

To make sure that you’re making the most of the available sunlight for creating, you’ll also want to think about the positioning of doors and windows. At SMART Garden Offices, we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to custom-create your garden art studio using one of seven chosen garden room ranges. Not only are there over 60 sizes to choose from within each range, but you can also arrange the windows and doors to your preference, making your garden art studio an almost bespoke design.

Creating a home Ashram

If you’re serious about the physical and well-being benefits of yoga, creating a home Ashram (garden yoga studio) is a great idea.

To establish a tranquil, peaceful garden yoga studio, you’ll want your space to be symbiotic with nature. Clean, crisp architectural lines and floor-to-ceiling glazing make SMART’s garden rooms a great choice for bringing the outside in.

To create a sense of space and peace, natural light is essential. Imagine delicately placing your Altar against soft cedar panelling at dawn as those first rays of morning sunlight trickle through, and you’ll begin to sense the calmness of the space on offer.

Likewise, flooring is essential as texture and temperature awaken the senses. Choose light nature-inspired flooring that is soft yet firm underfoot.

Also, consider whether in the warmer months you may wish to take your yoga mat outside. Our Affinity Garden rooms, for example, can be accompanied by an extended decking platform and LED downlighting for extra outside yoga space. Or you may simply choose to open your double or bi-fold doors to your garden yoga studio wide-open and invite the outside in.

Decide on Your Theme: Try These Garden Studio Ideas

One of the benefits of owning your own garden studio is that you can be your very own interior designer. After all, garden studio lights and garden studio furniture are just as important as the room itself.

However, before we delve into the latest garden studio ideas, it’s worth remembering that every art studio is different. A creative space reflects the individual, and so you’ll never find two the same. There are some subtle similarities though.

A garden studio is often home to a beautiful array of interesting textures, shapes, lighting and media. Every piece of garden studio furniture and carefully placed object tells a story.

There are literally hundreds of garden studio ideas and themes you could choose from, but we thought we’d discuss four of the most popular.

Vintage Garden Studio

If surrounding yourself with interesting objects from times past inspires you, a vintage garden studio is a wonderful idea. It’s also surprisingly inexpensive to create.

You can pick up vintage garden studio furniture at antique stores, charity shops, Freecycle and eBay. You may even decide to upcycle pieces.

Most people, of course, add to their collection over time, introducing new textures and inspiring objects as they go along. We know several artists who have introduced a small artists library into the garden studio to satisfy their inventive soul and create that vintage feel.


Incredibly popular with painters and sculptures, the Mediterranean style in interior design is characterised by the romantic aesthetics of Southern Europe. Using white as a backdrop, Mediterranean garden studio furniture and furnishings tend to use natural materials such as pottery, wood, iron and cotton, accented by pops of bolder colours such as blue.

As much design intention is applied to the outside garden as to the garden art studio itself, as is the case with this Key Studio pictured below:

Stylish garden room

Enjoy the Mediterranean vibes in your garden area.

Mindful Space

There should be an overwhelming sense of calm that washes over you when you enter a space designed for spiritual awakening. Think calm colours, cooler tones, or warm whites that recede rather than demand attention.

It’s important that you choose the right garden studio lights (opt for dimmer lighting switches on overhead lights). Blinds are also a great option to help with light filtering and privacy.

Likewise, the garden studio furniture you select is also important. Most yogis prefer a sparse, soft, calm space using natural materials and furnishings. You’d be surprised by what you could find at a local reclamation or thrift shop. An antique trunk could be the perfect place to store your yoga blocks, mats and blankets.

Also, think about how your chosen accessories rouse the senses. For example, scented candles and incense can really set the scene.


Botanical interior design is a great way to make a garden art studio feel connected to nature. The botanical design uses plants and plant-like features within interior design, and you can go as wild as you like with it.

Think wood-effect flooring, green accessories and paint, plant motif fabric seating and exposed wood garden studio furniture. In addition, you may choose to have a few low-maintenance plants inside and outside your studio for extra effect.

If you’re not quite sure where to start though, the likes of House Beautiful and Ideal Home are great places.

Garden studio with small patio outside.

A small botanical area can really help you connect with nature.

Order Your Brochure Now

Our brochure is also packed full of design ideas and inspiration. Inside, you’ll find 80 stunning photographs from our seven garden studio ranges.

Starting from £10,525, and with multiple configurations and over 60 sizes to choose from, you’ll find just the right garden studio for you. Moreover, with our SMART Configurator, you can fully immerse yourself in the design process from your desktop or iPad. Then simply search ‘Smart Garden Room Visualiser’ on App Store or Google Play to download the Visualiser App. It’s super-easy to use.

Although most of our garden rooms and studios are darted around Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and London, we deliver and install throughout the UK. So please do feel free to download a copy of our brochure as a first step or give us a call. We’d love to hear about your design ideas!