How is A SMART Garden Room Installed?
04 November 2021

How is A SMART Garden Room Installed?

Insight Into How A SMART Garden Room Is Installed?

By Hannah West, Marketing Executive

As one of the newest members of the ever-growing team here at SMART, and as part of my induction programme, I was able to follow one of our install teams and learn more about how a SMART Garden room is built and installed. I thought I would share my experience with you.

Evolve Office 4.3m x 3.2m in Emmerson Grey

Building Specifications

On this particular install, the customer decided that our brand new Evolve range would provide them with their perfect garden room. They opted for a 3.2m x 2.6m in Purbeck Stone to be used as a garden office and leisure room.

The installation team consisted of Lewis, the head installer, assisted by Harry and Ryan.

install team laying floor panels


On the first day of the install, the team were able to make rapid progress on the exterior of the building. This is because the base foundation had already been completed by the groundworks team the previous week. SMART will either use ground screws or a concrete ring beam for the base depending on soil conditions.

The first task in the install process is to lay the base plates and the flooring. Once that is in place, the corner posts can be installed followed by the wall panels.

The exterior walls, windows, and door frames all slot into each other and quickly provide a strong and solid shell.

This process is extremely quick as all the panels are pre-cut at our SMART production facility before the building arrives on site.

As this was a relatively small building, the team were also able to insert the ceiling panels on the first day.

It was amazing that after just 1 day, you could really see the building coming to life and get an overall feel of the size of the space.

Evolve Install


The focus of the second day is to complete the interior finishes.

In this case, our customer decided to upgrade to the flush interior walls, which create a modern and clean look to the interior design.

This timely and detailed process involves inserting the insulation, cutting the wall panels down to the exact size of the walls, cutting around windows and doors and fitting the beading.

insulation and under floor heating

Although flush walls take longer to install than our standard interiors, the team’s hard work on Day 1 really paid off.

While Lewis was completing the interior insulation and walls, Harry and Ryan helped each other to complete the roof, electrics and weatherproofing of the building.

After weatherproofing the building, the team then fitted the underfloor heating as well as making sure all electrics were pre-prepared within each pre-cut socket ready for the electricians to be able to connect up.

When this was all complete, the windows were all fitted into position which finished off the day making the room look sleek and moderately complete.

The team’s expertise in carpentry meant the outcome of this was a great success and the interior & roof were completed by the end of the day.


On the final day of the install, the team finished the exterior of the garden room which included adding the guttering, the deck step along with the final paint retouches. The customer was also able to decide on the width of the deck step.

The final interior finish was to lay the laminate flooring. The customer decided on a light grey wood finish which coordinated beautifully with their chosen flush interior.

Once the day had finished, the team were able to reflect on the final build of our newest Evolve range and were proud of what they were able to achieve with their hard work and dedication.

So after just 3 days, the building was completed and ready for the electricity to be connected.

Deck Step

The Customers Journey

Throughout the process, I was impressed with how the design and technicalities of the room were adaptable to the customers’ needs so late in the design process. This customer was able to add an additional plug socket, decide on the width of their deck step and determine the placing of the drainage downpipe. Though these were small and easy to adapt, it was great to see the team do as much as possible to make our customers experience not just a happy one, but a great one.

When speaking to the homeowners, they were so excited about having a new office and a place to escape to, as their children are currently studying at home. The customer wanted to build a new home office for himself to get away from working in the house, which can often be overwhelming when a whole adult family is working from it.

I was also lucky enough to revisit the building a few weeks after the install and I think you’ll agree, the building looks amazing inside and out.

Evolve Range


With Covid affecting many jobs and the uncertain future of the workplace, owning a SMART garden office is a great way to provide you with a fantastic work/life balance, completely separate from your home environment.

Owning a workspace in the comfort of your own home, as well as owning your own getaway and escape from the house, garden rooms will have other positive impacts on your life and further afield, such as saving on commuting costs, reducing air pollution, saving valuable time for yourself and your family, and being able to be more flexible with your home and work-life balance.

SMART garden rooms are also a great way to add to your home because they are a quicker and more cost-effective way to add value to your home whilst adding a beautiful, unique escape or workspace in your own garden.

Garden Office Interior


SMART is one of the UK’s leading garden room manufacturers and is ready to help you decide whether a garden room is the right option for you. With an amazing team of professionals, we are confident that we can find the right solution for you. Order your brochure now.

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