Winter Hibernation & Indoor Hobbies
07 March 2019

Winter Hibernation & Indoor Hobbies


Staying inside, keeping warm and hibernating are certainly at the top of our lists of things to do during the cold winter months – and 2019 has certainly started with a chill in the air. So with less time spent outdoors and more time to keep yourself and the family entertained, winter is the ideal time to settle down and focus on a new hobby, especially effective in fending off those post-Christmas blues.

Garden Rooms Make the Perfect Hobby Space

So, whether it’s a brand new toy, a revisiting an old hobby, or something you have simply always wanted to try, here’s just how SMART Garden Rooms can help you get going and come out of hibernation (just a little).

Key Studio Garden Rooms RangeYoga

Yoga is on the rise across the UK, in fact globally, with a staggering percentage of Brits taking up the hobby in 2018. Is 2019 the year you want satisfy your intrigue and give this relaxing (or not so relaxing) hobby a try?

Our Key Studio, would be perfect for learning your new hobby, in true peace and tranquillity, and some privacy for those novice weeks, months or even years. With enough room in even our Micro Belle to stretch out your yoga mat, turn on the tutorial and get to work with practising. What’s more, having a place truly dedicated to your new hobby is a recipe for success.

Binkys Gym Room

Binky Felstead in her SMART Garden Gym


Is art a passion of yours? Or have you always wanted to really start to explore it more seriously? Our SMART Key would be the perfect artist studio to revisit or begin your new hobby. The lighting in all of our SMARTS are so flexible, you can make sure you’re subject, or your easel is lit to perfection. What’s more, with wipe down walls, and hardwood flooring, those splashes of paint won’t be anything to worry about.

So get creative, your way, without a care in the world!


Crafting is a great hobby, one the can be shared too, our Suffolk Barn makes the perfect crafters cavern, you can fit in wall to ceiling storage, for all those ribbons, buttons and bows, and have enough space for a large table to spread out, and get crafting. Plus, when you’re done, there’s no need to tidy away, to make space, you can simply return where you left off.

Garden Craft Room


Photography is a popular passion amongst us brits, however finding time and space for the passion can be tough, our beautiful modern Ultra, is the perfect place to take that perfect picture, whether you’re taking photos of objects or people, there’s space a plenty. Plus, you can pick as with all our SMART garden rooms, the configuration of your windows and doors, meaning lighting is done your way. What’s more is all your equipment will be kept safe and sound, in our SMART garden room. The perfect place to keep the house from being over crowded

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Our Smart Garden Rooms, are all about making sure you can personalise and create a room that is built to inspire you to follow your hobbies, and passions, 365 days of the year. With thick chunky walls, high grade insulation, and double glazing, hibernating away to do the things you love has never been more inviting.

We’re always here to help you too, so if you’d like to discuss your new found passion, or want to take the hobbies you discovered in 2018 to the next level, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Our free SMART catalogue is packed full of ideas, or our helpful team can book you in a no obligation site survey so you can plan and discuss your hobby room with one of our expert surveyors!