Garden Room Installations & Tree Preservation Orders Smart advice for Tree Preservation Orders and the smooth installation of your ideal garden office.
19 October 2015

Garden Room Installations & Tree Preservation Orders

At Smart we are experienced at dealing with potential Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and assisting our customers with handling them to create their desired garden room, in an efficient, careful and legal manner.

Key Studio Garden Room

As part of our initial free, no obligation site survey of the grounds we work with our clients to attempt to identify any potential TPOs. It may be that the client is already aware an existing order; or they suspect the presence of one due to the nature and ages of the trees present and their proximity to the proposed garden office. In the case of uncertainty we or the client can make a pre-planning application call to the local authority, free of charge, to establish any TPOs that may be in place.

In the event that a TPO exists an application for Planning Permission must be made prior to the installation of a garden office. At Smart we can fully manage the planning process for our clients for the standard authority application fee of £175 and a cost of £45 for CAD Drawings to support the application.

We will submit the application, along with CAD drawings, Site Map and Design and Access statement to the local authority, which includes the full specification of the building and details of the low impact of our installations. Where it is required, at Smart we continue to liaise with the relevant authority throughout the planning process. We advise that where approval is required gaining planning permission approval takes approximately 8-12 weeks.

In the event that the local authority wishes to bring into question the potential hazard of a garden office building in the presence of a TPO they may request a Tree Survey prior to making their decision. Tree Surveys can cost approximately £500-£800 and these fees are paid directly to the professional company appointed.

Over the last 10 years at Smart Garden Offices we have managed and experienced many varying degrees of TPOs, and their resulting planning applications; our advice would be that they are only a small complication, and one that can be easily resolved and managed when you order a garden office from us and allow us to submit your Planning Permission application with the full information required.

If you require any further information or would like to arrange your free site survey please contact our friendly Client Services team