December Office Installations across the UK
10 February 2013

Local Garden Office installations across the UK in December 2012

We rounded off 2012 with a collection of garden office installations across the UK.

In December we installed a fully specified Smart Office Solo near Brighton, a Trio garden office in Hertfordshire and this rather handsome Smart Quarto garden office in North London.

Smart garden office

A handsome Smart Quarto garden office installed in North London in December 2012

We specified this particular garden office for our customer to be her own garden library. We completely kitted out the interior with over 20 feet of beautiful floor-to-ceiling bookcases in an attractive Walnut finish. All were made here, in our factory, to fit the Quarto exactly. There is space for over 2000 of her books where she can enjoy her newfound space.

As a creative author of “dark fiction” our customer required a comfortable room that was separate from her home. This is to provide “headspace” which allows her to continue her writing without interruptions.

We provided the complete service including all groundworks, electrical connection and, of course, full installation and commissioning. Despite the awful weather, we completed the process within three days. This was due to us completing 90% of the manufacture in our factory.