Education Setback: How can SMART help this summer holidays?
22 July 2021

How can SMART Garden Rooms help this summer holidays?

SMART Garden Rooms offer an in-house location for safe and productive learning

Over the past year and a half, in-house education has been restricted due to Covid and SMART Garden Rooms want to help.

With schools, colleges and universities being closed, we understand both children and adults studying in further education have been poorly affected without focused and physical learning conditions.

With summer holidays coming up, you may want to help support your children by helpin28% of children feel behind on education due to school closuresg them catch up on what they missed out on. In a survey carried out by Newsround, 28% of children feel behind on where they should be at school. This unsurprising number means that this summer holidays, families may want to help support their children to help catch up and gain on the education they feel they’ve lost out on. Garden Rooms are a great way to learn in a modern and unique learning environment.

We wanted to come up with some garden ideas to help with how you could use your SMART garden space to the full potential of educating and building on development. One key benefit of summer holiday learning is focusing on personal interests and going outside regular curricular boxes to suit your child and their needs.

Home learning and adding a few activities to your child’s lifestyle this summer holidays may boost confidence in your children when they go back to school in September. The Guardian said that homeschooling has some great benefits such as:

– Flexibility
– child-led learning
– Benefits of 1 to 1
– Write your own timetable
– Interactive
– Boost’s confidence

A Space for Every need

Here is a list of garden room ideas inspired by students of all age groups and needs. We hope here you can find a garden room that will suit your education needs:


A Garden Room Library:

Information influx – Not all information comes from the internet. Investing in books, journals,Garden Office magazines and more, not only in your sector, is a great way to widen your knowledge and look further afield for inspiration.

For those of you with younger children, sensory books and visual e-books are great for development as children use their senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them. This then leads to their understanding of more complex learning tasks and overall growth in development.Library

Creating a library does not have to just be a room full of books, you can design the space to tell a story, be inviting to young children and communicate the excitement and imagination which comes from books.

Garden Studio:

A SMART Garden office would be most appropriate for formal and further education.

If you or your grown children use PCs and laptops a lot and need a quiet space to themselves, or are collaborating with others virtually, an open office space would be great for this group of students. Focus is everything and organisation is key. This may be more appropriate for further education, college and university students to be able to have their own space to focus and concentrate on those big exams and time-consuming coursework.

Garden Studio

If you are studying a creative course and setting out on your freelance journey in graphic design, copywriting, marketing and much more, this could be a great starting point for you. Investing in your education was the first step and now investing in your future career is the next step for you. A Key Studio would be a great room for you to create an independent future in what you’ve worked hard for.

Craft Hobby Room

Art Studio:

An Art Space is great for any creative development within any age group. Backlight reported that Creating art expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Not only does art help to develop the right side of the brain. It also cultivates important skills that benefit a child’s development.Art Room

For those studying Art & Design, a multi-functional space would also be a great choice for you. Art and craft equipment can take up an awful lot of space. But having a whole art room means you can come up with solutions to organising it and express yourself in your own space for creativity, inspiration and freelance work.

Playroom & Development space:

A space for growth, young children and parent/child bonding.

For those of you with young children who do not have much space, an outside playroom might be something you would like to invest in.

A space dedicated to your children to have fun and play in means you can keep it separate from the home environment of a calmer, adult space. Dedicate your garden room to your children’s toys, games, books, and more to avoid the constant tidying up.


Music Room:

Music Room

Immerse yourself in sound and hobbies. A music room is great for those learning or playing their instruments or even listening to music while studying. Music not only lowers stress, but it can also help develop creativity, confidence and progresses the left side of the brain in relation to language and reasoning. For young children, music can help learn information and sound recognition through rhythm, rhyme and sound.


Lighting –
When designing a space for education and development, natural light is key. A bright, airy space gives off energy and produces the right environment for learning. When it comes to younger years, bright colours, shapes and materials offer a sensory experience.

De-clutter –
For more mature students, decluttering a space is a must. When your space is full, it may feel hectic, unorganised, and stressful making it hard to focus on learning. Eliminating these factors will make it a positive functioning learning space.

Bring the garden inside – Adding natural elements into a learning environment is shown to be great for air quality, stress relief, and increase of productivity and creativity.

Zone –
Zoning rooms with furniture, accessories or partition walls are great to separate different learning spaces in a room.

Add some music – FNU Studies have shown that music produces several positive effects on a human’s body and brain. Music activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximise learning and improve memory.


Education RoomSchool Garden RoomWhy SMART Garden rooms make for great learning spaces

Children’s education is extremely important to us here at SMART, and we have worked on many projects with schools and educational organisations in developing the working environment for children, and those with learning difficulties, to create safe and productive learning spaces.

SMART Garden Rooms Case Study: Thorndon Primary School


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