Easy Design Ideas to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger!
27 August 2020

Easy Design Ideas to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger!

Easy Design Ideas to Make Your Small Garden Look Bigger!

Do you ever wish your garden was bigger?

If the answer is yes, then we have come up with some top tips for optimising small outdoor spaces.

6 Small Garden Design Ideas That Anyone Can Use

Our gardens often serve as an additional room, so using clever design tricks will give the illusion of more space than there actually is. Don’t be afraid to treat your garden in exactly the same way as you would an indoor room; mirrors, cushions, cut flowers and other decorations increase the glamour status and make it feel more homely, perfect for those balmy summer evenings. There really are so many ideas for small garden designs.

1 – The View From Inside

Start from inside your home looking out and make sure that your favourite inside spot has the best possible view of the garden. Dividing your garden into definite sections helps make it look bigger as you can’t see everything in one go; Ornamental grasses, archways, planters and trellis are all effective ways of breaking up the space. Be careful not to overcomplicate it though, clearly defined areas for sitting, neat flower bed edges and straight lines will make it a low maintenance area but also make it look less fussy.

2 – Outdoor Seating

Whether you want a cosy hideaway or a functional dining area for entertaining, the key to useable space is getting the seating right. From luxurious sofa style seating to chunky wooden tables and benches, there’s a solution for all tastes. But a funky little bistro set takes up a fraction of the space, whilst delivering practicality and bags of style if placed as a feature, screened by bamboo or walls of foliage. Get the positioning right to make the most of the sunlight and maximise privacy from overlooking neighbours.

3 – Consider Your Lawn

Think carefully about the lawn. Do you need it and are you prepared for the maintenance of it? If not, think about artificial grass or turning the space into a courtyard garden and losing the grass entirely. Paving can be used cleverly and, with a simple trick of the eye, you can increase the visual size if your garden by laying slabs on the point so they are in a diamond shape which will create an optical illusion of a bigger garden.

4 – Pick Your Colours

Get the paint out and add light colours to fences, walls or benches to bounce the light around. There is a simple “Rule of three” for colours in the spacious looking garden; keep that palette simple and classy. This applies to the fences, plants, your furniture and any other decorations. As a general rule, hot colours, like reds and dark yellows make a space feel more intimate. Cool colours like light-purples, whites and blues recede the field of vision, making a small space feel larger.

5 – Segment Your Space

Pots and containers keep everything flexible and easier to maintain, which includes growing fruit and vegetables to make the most of your small garden. ‘Lush but limited’ is the rule for plants in small gardens with priority given to winter planting if the view from the house is to be appreciated.  To quote the gardeners saying ‘If you can get the garden looking good in December then May and June will take care of themselves.’ Keep it simple with large clusters of fewer varieties to make striking statements and reduce maintenance.

6 – Add Height

Another small garden idea is to plant a Living Wall, which makes is a contemporary and practical way to cover bare spaces.  They also draw the eye upwards, making the smaller space feel bigger and adding the ‘wow’ factor to your garden or balcony. Adding height in a small garden will always make it feel more spacious, especially varying the levels of height.

Be greedy with every square inch of your space. Have you got a massive shrub taking up a corner of the garden that you’re fed up of constantly pruning? Consider liberating the footprint it takes up and freeing up that valuable space to build yourself a garden room! Imagine the benefits of spending time relaxing or working in your very own garden room, away from the house and connected to nature.

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Utilising a Small Garden Room

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