Designing The Perfect SMART Garden Gym
02 January 2019

Designing The Perfect SMART Garden Gym

Garden Rooms create the perfect home work-out space for health conscious individuals

Resolutions are being made, goals are being set, and we’re ready to start 2019 the right way! Are you? If your wanting to get fitter and healthier this year, or perhaps want to continue on your fitness journey, then our SMART Garden Rooms can be used as the perfect home gym, and will be the envy of all, so avoid the new year gym rush and design with us your perfect SMART gym.

So… Here’s our top five ways of designing the, perfect, envy inducing, SMART gym.

Binkys Garden Gym

Garden Rooms: Style with Substance

The way your SMART Garden Room looks is your choice, you can pick from our incredible ranges, that offer a style to suit everyone, so if you’re going for a chic yoga gym retreat our Belle is made for you, or a modern high tech gym our Ultra will make that clear before you even step inside.

More than meets the eye

We’re not messing around either, you won’t see us shying away from the heavy weight section, if you’re using or lifting heavy equipment, our specialist team can reinforce the floor to ensure you can use your gym just how you like.

Garden Room gym interior

Garden Rooms can so easily be used as gyms!


You can now configure your own SMART Garden Gym, exactly how you need, so equipment can be plugged in exactly where you want it to be and can have enough sockets to fit it all in too. Plus we can include partition walls, and place the windows exactly where you want them, to make this 100% your workout zone.

To Create and view your dream garden room, you can visit our online configurator on PC or our App on Android and Apple Tablet.

iPad Configurator

Multi purpose

These partition walls don’t just add in separate work out zones, if you’re looking for a multipurpose room then we can help too. An office and gym space is a great way of getting the most out of your SMART, so you can work out in your lunch break, or at the end of the day, just by taking a few steps, perfection!

An extra bonus to your workout

Although the sunshine may be a distant memory at the moment, you can add in SMART decking to your garden gym, meaning when the sun does make a return, you can take your workouts onto the decking, for yoga in the sunshine, or your warm up or warm down.

Garden Room Gym

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We have seven stunning ranges that you can explore, all perfect to create your home gym –

All of these ranges, come in a variety of sizes, so your gym can be your personal space, a family gym, or a studio, perfect for if the gym is also your business, with enough space for clients to run your business in complete privacy with everything you could possibly need.

So if 2019 is the year you’re looking to get fit, fitter, or take your fitness business to the next level, then get in contact with our team today. We can pop our free catalogue in the post so you can flick through our entire range and all the inspiration.

Or you can arrange your free, no obligation site survey, to plan the entire SMART gym with our SMART garden surveyors.

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