Create Your Own Garden Gym in 5 Simple Steps
20 January 2022

Create Your Own Garden Gym in 5 Simple Steps

Do you dream of having your own purpose-built modern garden gym? Just imagine for a moment what such as space would offer you. They’d be no more waiting for equipment, wasted time travelling back and forward, or membership fees eating into your income. You’d simply step outside and into your personal workout zone.

But with all the design options available, how do you build your own garden gym?

It can feel like a bit of a workout knowing where to start, so we’ve condensed the process into five simple steps.


Step 1 – Visualise what is possible

If you’re a visual person, which most of us are, you’ll want to know exactly what your modern garden gym will look like.

As useful as they are, this can be tricky to achieve through CAD drawings alone. That’s why it’s a good idea to gather some initial ideas from other people who have created a modern garden gym by downloading the SMART brochure. This will help you decide which garden room range you like best and the specification options available to you.

Once you’re narrowed down your modern garden gym options, you can take your vision to the next level by designing your home gym from your desktop or tablet.

Using SMART’s configurator, you can build your own garden room using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. You can then view your design in 3D on your mobile or tablet, in your very own garden, through the SMART visualiser App (simply search for Smart Garden room visualiser in the App Store or Google Play).

The best part is that you can change your modern garden gym design as many times as you like until you’ve landed on the build that’s just right for you.

Step 2 – Decide on your garden room

There are several things that’ll influence your modern garden gym design.

It might be that, above anything else, you want your garden gym to have the architectural finish you would expect from a high-end gym.

Starting at £13,265, an Ultra modern garden gym is as much a design statement as it is a relaxing and practical space to work out. This gym draws you in with its clean and crisp architectural lines, floating cedar panels, and a front portico with integral decked shapes.

Ultra Garden Gym Exterior


If you like the design intentions of the Ultra but would like to make a gentler design statement, the Key Studio range is another great option. Popular with hobbyists and garden gym owners, and starting at just £10,525, the natural tones of the thermowood make for a welcoming retreat for a spot of yoga or Pilates.


Key Studio Gym Exterior


You may, of course, prefer a more traditional design with an orangery-inspired modern garden gym that gives you uninterrupted views of your garden. Starting at £11,700, The Temple Folly offers the perfect balance of light and space with floor-to-ceiling glazing, a front gable glass feature and a vaulted ceiling. The 3.5m x 3.2m Temple Folly (below), painted in Oxford Stone, comfortably accommodates three pieces of cardio equipment.


Temple Folly Garden Gym Exterior

Step 3 – Reach out to SMART for a Consultation

We always recommend having an at-home consultation with one of our specialist garden room designers. Free to clients living in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, and London, they’ll visit you at home to discuss the design possibilities of your modern garden gym. Having an expert eye, the designer will draw your attention to things you may not have considered such as:

  • Where the sun sets and rises
  • How close to a boundary you can go
  • When you may need planning permission (although this is rare with most modern garden gyms)
  • Where to place windows and doors for best ventilation
  • How else you may use the space in the future

While we’re visiting, we’ll sit down with you, review your current designs (if you have created any) and carefully layout the area in your garden place spacing bars so that you can stand within the space. It’s an immersive design experience and never a hard sell.

Step 4 – SMART Builds your Garden Room

Following your design consultation, we send you an itemised quotation along with a CAD drawing detailing your exact specification. Any optional extras and interior upgrades such as a flush finish interior, blinds, climate control and partitioning are clearly itemised to make your final decision straightforward.

We simply ask for an initial 25% deposit to secure your installation date and that a suitable base for your garden gym is prepared ahead of time (if we are not carrying out the work).

If we are preparing the base, this usually takes 1-2 days to install and is carried out 2 weeks before the installation date. Your modern garden gym will take between 2-5 days to build (depending on the size and specification of the room).

The build itself is unique as all our garden rooms are built using our patented TuSC method. TuSC™ stands for Torsional Socketed Chassis and was developed in-house at SMART®. Fundamental to the design of all SMART® buildings, TuSC™ construction brings class-leading strength and rigidity through clever engineering and design. As such, the method allows us to manufacture all components at our factory and assemble them on site, reducing build time and cost.

Step 5 – Place your Gym Equipment

This is the exciting part. Once you’ve stopped admiring your new modern garden gym, you’ll want to introduce your exercise equipment.

If you enjoy an all-round gym experience, you may decide to purchase cardiovascular equipment that offers a total body workout. For example, water rowers and ski trainers are a sensible purchase for a modern garden gym, as are airdyne bikes and running machines.

If you’re looking for advice on the best pieces of equipment for your garden gym, GQ magazine and Glamour magazine feature regular reviews.

Just be careful when you’re moving heavy pieces of equipment, though, as you wouldn’t want to scratch the floor of your new garden gym.

Order Your Brochure Now

Now that you’ve heard just how easy it is to build your own garden gym, you just need to download our brochure and get designing on our SMART Garden Room Configurator.

Remember, though, if at any time you feel overwhelmed with the options open to you, feel free to give us a call. We love talking with our clients across the UK about their design aspirations – it’s why we do what we do!