Configuring a Garden Office
01 April 2013

Configuring a Garden Office

Every garden office that we build is completely individual.

It’s personalised to the customers own specific requirements. Our unique ISIS construction system allows us to create an infinite number of alternative layouts.

Pictured above is a Smart Solo with two double windows to maximize the view of the customers delightful garden.

Windows, doors, electric sockets, switches and lights are all located to match your own particular needs.

That’s why we visit and consult with every customer to establish their real requirements. If you are an artist then lots of light is important, as a programmer then that won’t be as important. If you have plenty of visitors then access to your garden office will be vital – we’ll chat through your garden office needs and will offer our suggestions and advice.

You can also choose colours and carpets as well additional items too if you wish. The survey is always friendly and jargon-free!

There’s never any cost or obligation to a site survey – and we’ll be happy to visit you to create the perfect specification for you.


The double boomerang desk for Smart Garden Office interior

By Charlie Dalton