Celebrate the Euros with a Summer Garden Room
01 July 2021

Celebrate the Euros with a Summer Garden Room

After an eventful year, there’s thankfully one event that pretty much the whole country is taken with, and that’s the Euros 2021, or should we say Euro 2020 (as it’s still known).

Ok, so it’s not quite the Euros 2021 London was expecting to part-host, but the passion for a game that unites people is palpable.

For fans without tickets to the tournament, which runs until 11 July, what’s the best way to celebrate? Sure, you can pop down to the pub if your local is lucky enough to have a sizeable outside garden and screen (and the weather’s kind)! But more people are choosing to host their own Euros 2021 from the comfort of their homes. In fact, some have turned their summer garden room into their very private UEFA suite!

Decide How You Want to Host the Euros

When it comes to making your outdoor entertaining space pitch-perfect for the Euros this summer, you’ve got a couple of options.

It really depends on whether you plan on watching the game solo from the comfort of your summer garden room or prefer having family and friends over.

To some extent, it’s going to depend on when the tournament is happening. If it’s a mid-week fixture, for example, and it’s a school night, it’s more than likely that you’ll be inviting a couple of friends around to watch the game. A Friday or Saturday fixture could be a completely different story, though. If you have the room, you’ll almost be expected to play host, and so we’ve prepared a few tips for making the most of your indoor and outdoor space for the football season.

Inside Your Garden Room

A summer garden room is a perfect pad for any football fan. But, of course, where you decide to place your screen largely depends on your indoor entertaining space layout.

If, for example, you opt for bifold doors across the front aspect of your entertaining garden room, you could have quite the viewing platform. And if you have ceiling-mounted Bluetooth speakers, you’ll almost feel as if you’re at the game itself.

Just imagine how the indoor entertaining space below from our Belle range could be used to host the Euros 2021.

Belle Range

Can you imagine hosting the Euros with this Belle garden room?

You don’t have to own a big summer garden room to host a football-themed party though. A small garden room is perfect if you enjoy watching the game without the constant commentary of others.

Decorating your indoor entertaining space

If you’re one for detail, you might want to lay some artificial grass on the floor of your indoor entertaining space! Nothing says football quite like a bright green pitch.

Another nifty idea is to hang an empty stadium poster against the wall of your indoor entertaining space. Your guests, especially the kids, will love to have their pictures taken with friends. Just don’t forget to adjust the dimmable lights in your garden room depending on the time of day!

Outside Your Garden Room

Thankfully, you don’t need a big space to create a big-game atmosphere.

All you need is a large screen, projector, plenty of seating, a few refreshments (Pimm’s and lemonade is a summer favourite), and good sound quality to create just the right mood.

Football Décor

For an impressive Euros 2021 party theme, there’s a huge selection of banners to choose from. You might even decide to make string decorations with the children one afternoon (something a summer garden room is perfect for!).

Of course, no Euros 2021 football party is complete without a fixtures poster to keep guests up-to-date and, dare we say, a little competitive with a sweepstake!

Half-time Happenings

You can bring it home with the Euros 2021 this summer with some inventive half-time games. Think about hosting a penalty shoot-out on the lawn or just having a kick-about. You could even challenge the kids (and adults) to a competitive game of keep-uppy. Or, if you’ve got little ones, a football piñata or a game of pin the ball on the goal is a great way to use your outside entertaining space.

Football Food and Drink Ideas

If drinks are flowing and you’ve got a few guests over, you’ll want to serve some quick-to-prep nibbles that won’t take you away from the game.

Think about foods that are easy to eat standing and sitting – M&S does some great party food that can be ordered through Ocado. They have a fantastic selection of sliders, mini pork pies, samosas, stone-baked pizzas, BBQ and vegan snacks that are perfect for any outside entertaining space.

If some food is a little tricky to eat, you can always hold the contents together with some mini red flags. These are quite easy to make yourself with cocktail sticks and red electrical tape!

Remember, the weather can be just as eventful as the game itself. So, it might be a good idea to serve your food in your summer garden room or under a waterproof sail shade if you do not have one.

Order Your Brochure Now

It’s a little too late to order a summer garden room for the Euros 2021 but there are plenty of upcoming sporting events to look forward to. There’s the Tokyo Olympics, the Premier League that kicks off in August, the Championship League, Six Nations 2022 Championship, F1, Wimbledon and more! You’ll never be stuck for a good excuse for a party.

Best of all, a SMART Garden Offices, there’s a garden room to suit every outside entertaining space. There are 7 ranges to choose from available in 60+ sizes starting from just £10,020. And now, with our SMART configuration AR visualiser, you can have a go at creating your garden room directly from your PC or tablet using our App.

Before you get started, however, it’s worth downloading a copy of our brochure. It’s packed full of real-life designs from gardens across Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and London for a little inspiration!