A ‘His and Hers’ Garden Office

Created for a researcher and IT professional husband and wife with very different careers, this delightful Suffolk Barn Extro +1 has afforded the family space to work outside of the home and without distracting each other.

With the installation of the Extro including walnut finish individual desks, over-desk cabinets and pedestals this family now has plenty of working and storage space for their busy lives, while securely locked away from their home and family life; creating a greater feeling of work-life balance and a peaceful retreat when focusing and concentrating on writing and work.

Finished in a beautiful shade of New England Blue and specified with white UPVC windows and door, this Suffolk Barn has a colonial feel and sits beautifully alongside the couples’ property, garden and existing summerhouse. With a double glazed door and personalised with plenty of double opening windows, the garden office is a light and airy place to work, allowing the outside into the office, yet thoroughly warm and secure in the winter months too.

View the Extro Suffolk Barn