A space to make works of wonder

Ms P required a light, spacious garden studio, to enable her to get creative and make her works of wonder!

Our Suffolk Barn Extro offered just this, a way of finding the headspace and literal space to escape and create. With windows placed left, right and centre and a high vaulted ceiling, there was light aplenty. Included in this an array of spotlights to make sure on those grey days there was nothing to stop the creative flow!

Nestled into the garden and a few steps away from the patio doors, it only takes a second for Ms P to get settled into her studio and get to work. Even better Ms P herself has confirmed the Suffolk Barn is her perfect partner in crime…

“Like most visual artists I prefer to be able to work in a space with as much light as possible and consequently this was a priority.  The options available at Smart Garden Offices offer a variety of designs to choose from and their modular system allows you to decide your preferred design. Their online advice throughout the process was helpful and the structure was erected with the minimum of disruption. The result is that I now have a functional studio room which allows me to work in peace and quiet, is inexpensive to heat in winter and has the added bonus of being only a few steps away from where I live” 

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