An Outdoor Playroom That’s Fun For Everyone
29 November 2018

An Outdoor Playroom That’s Fun For Everyone

Toys everywhere? Injuries from standing on Lego? Or maybe your little one isn’t so little anymore and they officially need some more space to relax, as their music isn’t quite to the taste of everyone in the house.

Playrooms should be fun!

However, if your little one’s playroom is your living room, dining room or spare room or your teenagers den is too close for comfort, it certainly doesn’t sound much fun for you!

We’re here to change that.

Whether it’s an after-school chill out zone, an afternoon of arts and crafts, or a games room, we can help you create the perfect room for the kids (and you.)

Light, Spacious & Clean

All of the windows and doors on our Smart Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios can be fully configured, meaning you can create a playroom that’s full of light, with windows in all the right places.

With sizing options in your hands, the price of the space is cost effective for you and perfect for all those toys, gizmos and gadgets.

What’s more, the interior of the den is finished in wipe-clean, easy-to-maintain interiors, with the optional extra of wooden floors, which means spills and splashes are easy to keep at bay.

Fun All Year Round

With the high-grade insulation, chunky walls and double-glazed windows and doors, your kids’ new garden playroom is perfect for keeping the heat in over the winter and staying cool in the summer. You can add in bi-fold doors to add an extra element of freedom for those summer days too, so the fun can spill out into the garden if that’s the mood they’re in!

Storage Aplenty

With our intelligent bespoke shelves, you can create floor-to-ceiling fun, so when they’ve played with everything they could possibly want, it’s a quick pick up and tidy away. Or you can shut the doors and simply return to the nice, clean, chaos-free living room.

Fuss Free

The majority of our range of Smart Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios do not require planning permission – if the circumstances arise in which they do, we manage the whole application for you from start to finish at no additional charge (council fees apply.) However, there’s more – we’re on and off site before you’ve even said, “Kids! Dinner is ready!”

No building site and no long stays, meaning no disruption to your normal family routine!


Schools have used our garden rooms as classrooms for years now, because their robust nature means they can handle all that energy without a care. So kids can jump, stomp and dance all day long!

There we have it – the perfect play room, den and study space for the kids. You will gain your space back and they gain a room in which to get creative, imagine, explore and learn. What could be better?

Get in touch with us today to find out more, we’re always happy to chat, especially if it’s all about finding space to have some fun!