A SMART Garden Writing Room
07 November 2019

A SMART Garden Writing Room

To all Writers, Poets and hobbyists,

Do you dream of being the next Stephen King or J K Rowling? Maybe you are already a recognised writer but are struggling to find that perfect space to be creative.

What you need is a unique and personal space to you, created to your very own specifications and usable 365 days a year, no matter what the weather. Somewhere quiet, warm and comfortable – and that is why a SMART home garden writing studio is the perfect solution, and here is why.Garden Office

The Best Place to be Productive

A space where you are most comfortable, where you feel warm and secure is important, so home has to be at the top of the list. However, it is important to keep your working environment separate from you home environment in order to limit distractions which is often difficult to do, so installing a garden SMART Garden Rooms Writing Studio room in the comfort of your own garden is a win-win solution to keep your work-life balance in check and your creativity at its peak.

Remove All Distractions

Trying to be creative from a spare room or a dining room table will be hard work as you will constantly be surrounded by a multitude of distractions.  Having your own dedicated space is the simplest way to remove those distractions; no noisy kids, no demanding pets, no ringing doorbells and no interruptions from family or friends. Just a calm, cosy and peaceful atmosphere for you to get to work.Inspirational View from Office

Peace and Quiet 

When your brain is carrying out activities that involve taking in information and processing it, creating a storyline or a plot, then noise will cause distraction and should therefore be avoided. If you are nestled in your garden, surrounded by nature, is one of the most peaceful settings you can imagine, simply perfect to let your creativity take hold.

Garden OfficeA Creative Environment

Having a space that is warm, peaceful, free from clutter and kitted out with everything that you will need at your fingertips, will provide you with that perfect creative space. Comfort is a key driver for creativity and with your very own SMART garden room, you have the freedom to create a space that is as individual as you are.

With six beautiful ranges available in over 60 sizes, alongside a whole host of optional extras and upgrades, there is a SMART garden office to suit every taste, every garden size and all budgets. SMART has been developed over the past 18 years and has quickly become one of the UK’s leading manufacturer of garden rooms, offices and studios. We are a committed British manufacturer combining traditional craftsmanship alongside the very latest CAD/CAM technology.

Garden Room Specifications

Boasting full thermal insulation, double glazing and professional installation with a peace of mind 10-year structural warranty and finance options available, a SMART garden room is the perfect solution for all you budding writers out there.Key Studio Range

With a wide choice of doors and windows you truly can create a light and airy space without any difficulty. You also have the complete freedom to place the windows and doors on your SMART garden office, wherever you wish, letting that light flood in, and helping you to stay in the right frame of mind for creativity.

Climate Control

SMART garden rooms are, as you would expect, fit for purpose, and can see you through the warmest of summers and harshest of winters, keeping you comfortable all year round, so you never have to take time away from being creative.

All SMART garden rooms provide you with a choice of freestanding or wall-mounted thermostatically-controlled heaters, underfloor heating or even a climate control unit, allowing you to take control and work in your perfect temperature.

A Garden Room, Tailored to you

Your SMART home garden Studio is your space, meaning it’s private and secure, so you can work on your masterpieces away from prying eyes, and when you’re ready to go home and take a break, you can lock it away, knowing your work is safe from the harshest of weather and any intruders.

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