A SMART Garden Library
22 August 2019

A SMART Garden Library

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, however, inside or out, you can be prepared to be blown away by one of our stunning SMART garden rooms.

Perhaps your book collection has outgrown your house, or you want to keep a specialist collection away from young (sticky) hands, or you simply want a haven that you can escape to, to relax and enjoy your favourite author. Whatever your need, a SMART garden room is THE perfect solution for an outdoor library, and here are the reasons why:

Surrounded By Nature

We all love to spend time in our gardens when the great British weather allows, and it’s a well-known fact that the summer month make us all happier and more relaxed when we are surrounded by nature at its best. So what better place to install your very own garden library.

Ultra Range

Ultra Range

Familiar surroundings all induce a sense of calm in our busy lives, so having your very own library nestled in your garden surrounded by nature and tranquillity is a sure way to wind down from the stresses and strains of this modern world that we live in.

Peace & Quiet

Peace and quiet can be a rarity in this modern age, and this is just another one of the reasons why our garden rooms are loved so much.  No constant interruptions, no distractions, just calm and quiet so that you can focus on you and your favourite authors, at your leisure, whenever the mood takes.

Industry-Leading Insulation

Every SMART garden room is constructed using an industry leading insulation in the floor, the walls and the ceiling which means that this truly is a room that you can use 365 days a year. Unlike a summerhouse or log cabin, this room can be maintained at a consistent temperature, perfect for storing books.


Hi-Spec Doors & Windows

With high-quality, double-glazed uPVC windows and doors as standard, manufactured to current building regulations, 28mm sealed units with low-e glass, including high specification security and environmental accreditation, your building and your collection of books will be as safe and secure as they could possibly be.


With the freedom to add as much or as little glass as you wish, every SMART garden library can be customised to ensure that the lighting is just perfect for the conditions required to keep you books in tip top condition. Add in our fantastic ‘clip in frame’ blinds and you truly have the ideal solution to keep your treasured collection safe.

Garden Room Library

Garden room Library / Office

Climate Control

Books are very sensitive to heat, humidity and damp, so installing a climate control unit is the ideal way to keep your building at a constant ambient temperature. Fully programmable, the climate control unit will provide warmth on the coldest of days and coolness on those scorching hot summer days.

Garden Room Library

Garden Room Library


The best way to store books is on shelving, and it is important that they are all properly supported and kept upright, away from drafts and bright lights.

As well as books, custom-made bespoke bookshelves and shelving units can been designed and built for holding large, weighty vinyl record collections, stacks of CDs, DVDs, comic book collections, photo albums, important documents and anything else you want to store safely and securely away from the house.

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I am sure you will agree, a SMART garden room really is the ideal solution for an outdoor library. So, if you want to know more about how to create your perfect SMART garden library, get in touch with the team today.