7 Practical Reasons to Buy a Garden Office
03 December 2020

7 Practical Reasons to Buy a Garden Office

Imagine a mid-week morning routine where you have time for that espresso and bagel after dropping the children off at school. Consider how nice it would be to not even think about the morning commute. Instead, your journey to work takes just a few seconds of walking through a bed of greenery to your plush garden office.

If you run your own business or work for a company that values flexible working, and you have your own garden, a garden office can give you the perfect work-life balance. The best part is that it could pay for itself in as little as 2-3 years. Here, we take a look at seven reasons why purchasing a garden officemakes perfect sense.


7 Practical Reasons to Buy a Garden Office

Improved work-life balance.

2020 aside, if you think about it, how much time would you usually spend commuting to work? The average is 2 hours a day for UK employees. Quite simply, a garden room gives you the gift of time. With flexible working, you get to spend more time with your family, indulge in new hobbies, and exercise whenever you like. Being far more relaxed at the start of the day also means you’ll be more productive at work. You can switch off and draw a line between work and family time. This is much harder to do if you’re working inside your home.

They are far more cost-effective.

If you think about the amount you’ll save on fuel, train fares, and lunches on-the-go, purchasing a garden room is the smart choice for those who enjoy flexible working. After all, the average UK employee spends between £146 – £305 per month commuting. With prices for a SMART Garden Office starting from less than £200 per month for a single person office, purchasing a garden room is a prudent choice.

Office Interior from Ultra Range

A garden office can be more cost-effective than commuting.

A garden office makes good business sense.

If you’re self-employed or run a small business, you could draw down your outgoings by moving from a rental space into a garden office. After all, even a freelance desk rental will set you back at least £200 per month. However, the benefit of a garden room is that you’ll own the space at the end of your finance term. It’s also cheaper to heat during the winter months than it is to warm your entire house.

It can be multifunctional.

Most people who purchase a garden room will use the space for other activities besides work. They may start the day with yoga and meditation, have an easel in the corner for painting or a comfortable sofa for reading. If your garden office is big enough, you may even wish to introduce distinct zones. The SMART Affinity range, for example, has been purposefully designed as a multifunctional space as it has both internal and external zones with the addition of a decking area and overhead canopy.

Affinity Garden Office

The Affinity Range offers a perfect life/work balance.

Many people like to combine work and exercise. The ultimate in flexible working, it’s not unusual to find a peloton bike or running machine sitting proudly next to a desk.

Office and Gym together

You can designate certain areas of your office for exercising.

A home investment.

The garden room is very much a modern-day alternative to your traditional extension. Garden rooms offer far more choice when it comes to gaining some extra floor space. From a flexible working area, to a hobby room or gym, a garden office is a real selling point. For most buyers, it’s a hidden gem as they imagine how they could work from home or give their teenagers the space they crave. Even the most spacious and luxurious designs are cheaper than an equivalent extension. Plus, most garden offices will not require planning permission.

You get to enjoy the outside.

It is a well-known fact that being closer to nature can boost our well-being and productivity. So much so, that this innate tendency to seek connections with nature has its own term, Biophilia. In fact, biophilic design is gaining popularity as people seek new and invigorating ways to connect indoor living with the outdoors. With a garden office, you can peer through floor to ceiling glazing with uninterrupted views of your garden. You might even choose to take a coffee break on your seamlessly merged decking when you want some more inspiration.

Office looking on to garden

It’s easier to enjoy the outside with a garden office.

Personalised workspace.

Here’s the best part. You get to design your very own flexible working space. You decide where you want the light to fall at different times of the day, and how big you want your garden room to be, in the design you connect with.

You’ll love this too. A SMART garden office design can also include all the workplace essentials for flexible working. Our hand-crafted, ergonomic desks are complimented with fitted shelves and cupboards through to full-height, solid adjustable bookcases.


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