5 Festive Design Ideas for your Garden Room
23 December 2021

5 Festive Design Ideas for your Garden Room

Did somebody say it’s just a couple of days until Christmas? Now that the final shopping is in full swing, we thought we’d share a few of our ideas on how to maximise your modern garden room during the holidays.

After all, a purpose-built modern garden room can be quite the festive hub, a place to celebrate, somewhere to play, the perfect present hide-out, or even an escape room!

With that extra space, there are untold possibilities to make the most of this rather special time of year.


Decide on your Garden Room’s Use

Before you rush out to the shops for that final Christmas dash, it’s a good idea to pause (if only for a moment) to think about how you may use your winter garden room over the next few days.

Are you going to make up for last year’s muted Christmas by turning your insulated garden room into a full-on grotto, or do you prefer a pared-back traditional festive feel?

Is your winter garden room going to be enjoyed more by the children in the family, or is it going to be somewhere the adults can retreat to?

Once you know the answer to these questions, you’ll soon find yourself inspired by garden room design ideas. One of our favourite things to do is create a board on Pinterest and place a ‘pin’ in all those Christmas items you know will elevate your insulated garden room this season. Actually, a little birdie told us that Joules has a rather fabulous Winter Sale on its homeware items, with up to 60% off while stocks last! So if you hurry, you may be able to grab a bargain just in time.

Before you get too carried away with ordering, though, we thought we’d share five of our favourite Christmas garden room design ideas.


  1. Winter Wonderland

If you own an insulated garden room that can be used all year round, you’ll find it the perfect space to create a winter wonderland this Christmas. The trick to making this joyful theme is establishing a festive flow from your house to your winter garden room. So, you may consider placing frost-proof garden lights along the path to your insulated garden room and a small Christmas tree next to the opening. Simple gold coloured lights are very much on trend this year.

To carry the winter wonderland look and feel inside, decorate your garden room with twinkly lights, orange and cinnamon candles, warm cosy knits and throws, and a selection of treats.


  1. Curb Appeal

Nothing says Christmas more than decorating the external aspects of your contemporary insulated garden room with seasonal displays.

Festive Garden Office Exterior

You could hang a wreath on one of your doors. It doesn’t have to be a traditional round wreath. If you’re looking for unique garden room design ideas, we love the idea of a handmade square wreath crafted from bay leaves, dried fruits, ribbons and woodland berries. It’ll sit nicely in a corner, angled as a diamond for a modern look that works well with SMART’s contemporary garden rooms.

We absolutely love how the owners of this garden room have used outdoor lights to accentuate the clean and crisp architectural lines that our Ultra range is renowned for.

Ultra office with christmas tree outside.


  1. Festive Aroma

It’s important not to forget the festive aroma when it comes to garden room design ideas this season. So how can you create the scent of Christmas in your insulated garden room? Well, you can use candles or potpourri to create just the right blend of aromatic spices.

If you decide to use candles, our advice is to opt for soy ones. Soy candles are kinder to the environment and are far cleaner when they burn and so will not leave any residue in your insulated garden room. Plus, they have a lower melting point than a paraffin alternative, so they last longer.

The best way to safely create a lasting Christmas aroma though is to create your own potpourri, which is simple and affordable to do.

All you need to do is fill a saucepan with two or three mugs of water. Next, you add dried ingredients such as citrus, cinnamon sticks, star anise, pine needles, cranberries and gloves and simmer on a low heat. Although do remember to check on the water level every so often to make sure it has not dried out. Once you’re happy with the scent, you simply drain, let the potpourri cool, add it to a decorative bowl, and place it within your insulated garden room.

A jar of petals and scents


  1. Games Galore

Who doesn’t like a good party game at Christmas? Unfortunately, it’s often tricky finding space among the nibbles, gift wrap and presents for a game of Pictionary, Cluedo, or even Trivial Pursuit. That’s where an insulated garden room can be a life-saver, especially if some of your guests wish to play games and while others would rather have a power nap in the corner.

You could even pop the games in your winter garden room a day or so before and make space for festive treats to keep your guests fed and watered while deep in play!


  1. Time to Retreat

As much as Christmas is an amazing day, it’s also rather exhausting and can get quite loud. So it’s a great garden room design idea. You could turn your insulated garden room into a cosy chill-out zone as somewhere any of your guests can unwind or have a quiet catch-up.

You may even decide to hang a sign on the entrance that reads ‘Just chilling Out,’ ‘Join us for Games,’ or ‘Step inside for nibbles’ as a thoughtful touch!

Order Your Brochure Today

If our garden room design ideas have left you longing for a winter garden room of your own, we can’t quite magic up a room in time for Christmas. We do have the next best thing for all our UK customers though. You can design your own garden room with our immersive configurator technology. Once you’ve settled on one or two SMART garden room ranges by downloading a copy of our brochure, you can use the configurator on your PC, tablet or laptop to mould your insulated garden room to your exact design specification.

When you’re happy with your creation, you can see precisely how your insulated garden room will look in your garden with our Augmented Reality app. Simply search ‘Smart Garden Room Visualiser’ on the App Store or Google Play and download.

You may even choose to ‘gift’ your chosen design to a loved one this Christmas!