2021's New Trend: Working From Your Garden
21 January 2021

2021’s New Trend: Working From Your Garden

Now that we’re well and truly into the third-part series of Working From Home, with our children and partners in tow, there’s a new garden trend maturing.

By the time you finish reading this article (approx. 5 mins, or less if you just like the gorgeous pictures), we would have spoken to at least four people looking for a Working From Your Garden lifestyle. A lifestyle that perfectly fuses the indoor and outdoor living to create an aspirational working from homespace.

You could say that the past 10 months have sown the seed for a completely new way of working from home in 2021.

Working from Home is Here to Stay

While it has been an incredibly tough year, especially for our wonderful NHS and other frontline workers, there have been glimpses of positivity. Having the flexibility to work from home has been one of them.

The pandemic instantly proved that working from home or a purposefully built garden office, was possible. Not only is it viable, a beautifully designed garden office, provides something almost impossible to achieve with the traditional office environment; a true work-life balance.

You wake up in the morning without giving a single thought to your two-minute commute to your garden office. You work in a space that makes the most of natural light, and with an outlook that you can enjoy.

Garden Office Exterior

A garden office lets you take in your beautiful garden.

You may even decide to use your garden room for different purposes. 2020 gave many of us more time to reflect and explore new hobbies and interests. This innate need to ‘nurture the soul’ continues to influence our clients’ garden office design choices as they work with us to create a multifunctional space.

They are dedicating parts of their garden office for the things they love from yoga and fitness, to arts and crafts, and so much more.

Garden office being used as an arts and crafts room

An arts and crafts studio is a great use of space.

Best of all, the cost of this new-found ‘balance’ is often offset by the savings made from no longer having to commute to work. And of course, when people feel more fulfilled and content, they also find themselves more productive too.

Thankfully, companies recognise this, which was strongly reflected in our 2020 UK Work from Home Survey. 70% of businesses said that they would be happy for their staff to have a flexible approach to working from home in the future. Not surprisingly, the same percentage also believe that looking after the mental and physical health of staff will be crucial in 2021 and beyond.


Why Work From Your Garden?

If ever there was a good reason to work from a garden room rather than your kitchen table or spare room, your mental and physical health it is.

Working from your garden room gives you a dedicated workspace that is separate from your home. It encourages you to switch-off at the end of the day. If your office is in the house, which is the case for many people at the moment, it’s much harder to step away from the emails and calls. When you must physically leave your home to reach your garden room, you reduce the temptation.

It’s also easier to choose the hours you wish to work with a garden room, especially if you’re a contractor. Your partner and children will likely occupy the house at different times and often when you need to work distraction-free. Having an outdoor garden room means you can step into your own quiet space to finalise that project or join the all-important MS Teams. Oh, and you won’t have to have a virtual MS Teams or Zoom background either. You’ll want to show off your beautifully designed garden room interior, complete with bespoke fitted office furniture.

A Belle Office with New England Interior

A Belle Office with New England Interior.

When you’re not busy focusing on the screen (we’re all familiar with Zoom-fatigue), you can take in the relaxing views of your garden. To really soak up the opportunity, many SMART clients design a garden room that has enough space for a stylish soft furnished breakout area.

Soft, comfy area within office to take a break from work

A place to work and relax offers you the finest working experience.

With our Affinity Range, there’s also the option to include an outside decked canopy with LED downlighting, giving you the perfect space to work al fresco.

Affinity Range with decked area

Working outside can be a lovely change of scenery.

Garden Offices Are Suitable All Year Round

The Working from Your Garden trend is all about bringing indoor living outside, all year round. By having an insulated garden office, your garden suddenly feels like an extension of your home.

All SMART Garden Offices are designed to offer exceptional comfort by using leading insulation and UNLIMITED glazing. The insulation is placed into all elements of the building; the floor, the walls and the ceiling to ensure excellent thermal retention.

So impressed with the thermal efficiency of their garden room, we’ve known clients to turn theirs into a cosy day-time retreat during the Winter holidays.

Plus, and this really is a big benefit, you will not be heating the entire house when you work from your garden room. In fact, when you choose an insulated garden office, you’ll find there will be large parts of the year where you will not need to heat your garden room. And in those Summer months, you’ll want to open your floor-to-ceiling glazed doors and soak in the last bit of garden sun.


Order Your Brochure Now

Many of us may not have a large garden area, but 2021 will see homeowners make the most of their outside space, regardless of size.

If permanently swapping the commute for a two-minute garden walk sounds like the perfect start to the year, you’ll be right on trend.

With 7 stunning and diverse ranges available in up to 64 sizes, there is a SMART Garden Office to suit every design preference, garden size and budget.

With prices starting from as little as £7,944, you can create a garden office that is bespoke to you, configured exactly as you would like. With a range of plush optional extras, the only thing that will limit you is your imagination.

You’ll be part of a rather exclusive community of people on a SMART trend. Crafted and manufactured in the UK, a SMART garden room is a product of innovation; combining raw materials, traditional craftsmanship and CAD/CAM technology. The result is a high-quality range of garden offices designed to inspire and last.

With a peace of mind 10-year structural warranty and finance options available, a SMART garden room is an investment for the future, not just 2021.

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