10 ways to clear away your home-working for Christmas Working from home and need to free up the dining room or the spare bedroom ready for your influx of friends and family for the big day?
21 December 2015

10 ways to clear away your home-working for Christmas


Working from home and need to free up the dining room or the spare bedroom ready for your influx of friends and family for the big day?

Here are our top tips to instant de-cluttering and reclaiming your space:

  1. Sort the rubbish: We all know it, but taking the time to have a clear out and get rid of those out of date items and brochures (where do those stationery catalogues keep coming from?), filing the paper work and spending time with the reverse button on your shredder will be worth it in the long run.
  2. Find temporary storage; whether that is at a storage facility that you can hire by the week or getting the ladder out and looking in the loft. Decide what is the best option for you logistically and financially to act on quickly and short-term.
  3. Get creative and look for under-utilised space in your home: On top of wardrobes, under the bed, under the stairs, behind the sofa and doors: If your items are packed suitably they can be safely and easily stacked out of the way. They can also make a great spare chair if you run out on Christmas Day!
  4. Whilst sheds are most certainly not suitable office spaces with their lack of insulation and security, they may be useful for a few days careful storage of non-vital or personal information. Pack your items as well as possible, in suitable containers, and ensure that they are going to be cool and dry. Keeping them off the ground on shelves, bricks or a pallet will help. But beware, with long dark evenings and little security, sheds are an easy target for those that want to get into them.
  5. Think inside the box: Investing in great storage boxes will prove invaluable, not only for short-term storage, but possible future moves as your business or home grows, and as they are available in a wealth of sizes and colours you really can co-ordinate them to your needs and any sized storage space. Clearly label your boxes and place anything that may suddenly be needed before the New Year in its own file in the top of the box, so you can access it quickly if you need to.
  6. Stay safe: Whilst ‘Elf and Safety’ jokes are rife this time of year, unfortunately the number of incidents in A&E departments over the holiday season are too. If you are going to need access to particular items make sure they are the easiest to find and that your boxes are secure and not overly full too. If you’re not confident with heights and ladders, why not keep your emergency “may need” box stored separately, in an easy to reach place.
  7. Have a plan and stick to it: Don’t keep the items packed away longer than you need to and set yourself a date when you are going to retrieve them. It may be tempting to have just an extra day, but this can easily become a few extra days when you start enjoying the extra space that you have cleared.
  8. Was there anything you didn’t miss while it was packed away? If so, do you really need to keep it? With the range of scanning and storage technology available do you still need to store the same amount of paperwork?
  9. Don’t panic! This is just for a few days of the year. Remember, this is your family and friends and they have come to visit you, not inspect your home. They will understand that ultimately your business is yours and life carries on all year round.
  10. Unfortunately we can’t suggest where to put Auntie Gladys when she’s had one too many glasses of sherry, but we can find you a long term working solution: At Smart Garden Offices we can build you a beautiful, dedicated garden room to last. Installed in time for spring, your own office can help you gain work life balance and avoid the panic clearing again this time next year. Of course, if you already have a Smart Garden Office, you can simply draw the blinds, lock the door and forget about work until after the festive season.

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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for a prosperous 2016 from the team at 

Smart Garden Offices.