A SMART®, garden room makes the perfect backdrop for an outdoor library.

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover. However, inside or out, you can be prepared to be blown away by one of our stunning SMART® garden rooms.

With the high-grade insulation, chunky walls and wide range of double-glazed windows and doors to choose from, our SMART®, garden rooms are purposely designed to keep the heat in over the winter and stay nice and cool in the summer.

Perhaps your book collection has outgrown your house, or you want a separate space to keep a specialist collection in, a SMART® outdoor library is absolutely perfect for storing your precious books, vinyl record collections, stacks of CDs, DVDs, comic book collections, photo albums, important documents, and anything else you want to store safely and securely away from the house. 

It has never been easier to create a perfect SMART®, garden library nestled quietly at the bottom of your garden. Interested in creating your own? Why not start by designing your own here! 

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