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Garden Office Options & Customisation


All buildings within the Smart ranges can be specified with one of our four different roof lines…


RooflinesLow Line Dual Pitch

This subtle and low pitched roof allows plenty of interior height, with a shallow pitch reflected by a shallow vaulted
ceiling with visible feature rafters stained to match (excludes Classic Micro and Classic Solo). This roof line rarely requires
planning permission. Heavy duty bitumen shingles sit on an 18mm OSB substrate for strength and acoustic advantages.
The design includes a classic rain shadow to protect the body of the building.
Available on Classic, Suffolk Barn and Ultra Ranges.


High Line Dual Pitch
Traditional and with the charming porthole. This substantial roof measures 3.2m at the ridge and brings enormous amounts
of additional height with large feature rafters and a high vaulted ceiling. It also has a porthole window for high-level light
and a lot of charm. Heavy-duty bitumen shingles sit on an 18mm OSB substrate for strength and acoustic advantages.
This design includes a rain shadow to protect the body of the building.
Available on Classic, Suffolk Barn and Ultra Ranges.


This is similar to the High Line Dual Pitch, but has a 1.2m extension to the front elevation creating a lovely porch or
veranda. Ideal when facing due south or west, this additional feature is a firm family favourite for summer evenings.
Heavy-duty bitumen shingles sit on an 18mm OSB substrate for strength and acoustic advantages. The design includes
a classic rain shadow to protect the body of the building. May require planning permission in some locations.
Available on Classic, Suffolk Barn and Ultra Ranges.


This low key and unobtrusive roof sits inside the cowling of the fascia within the smooth lines of the Ultra. A strong EDPM rubber coating sits upon a robust 18mm OSB substrate with a gentle but hidden mono pitch roof. Unlikely to require planning permission in most locations.


Windows and Doors

Select definitive white windows or choose an alternative finish. All Smart buildings are specified with high quality, white pvcu windows and doorsas standard. They are manufactured to current building regulations and include high specification security and environmental accreditation. All windows and doors include 28mm sealed units with low-e glass.

Windows ans Doors image


Georgian Bar

These Georgian style windows and doors bring a classical sense of proportion to all Smart buildings and are popular in all locations


A ‘Golden Oak’ finish to windows and doors (oak framed garden office). This combines the technical advantages of PVCu with the charm of wood




The attractive Grey finish to the exterior of our windows and doors bring a fresh and contemporary addition to all Smart buildings –
which works particularly well when located with the Orchard Green and Newton’s Green exterior colours.


The Cream finish offers a softer, warmer feeling inside and out – which works particularly well with the Orchard Green and Newton’s Green exterior


Porthole Window
This fun and funky little window adds a nice touch. They can be included at head height in panels or as a gable end feature in a high line or cantilever roof




Smart VersaDesk
Designed and hand built in our factory, the VersaDesk range was created to allow Smart owners to optimise their workspace. Fully fitted in your Smart at the time of installation, your VersaDesk provides a comfortable and ergonomic work space, maximising available interior space.
With a fully sculpted work surface, the VersaDesk provides a full cockpit style work area – with everything within arm’s reach. Complemented by the fitted adjustable shelves and cupboard space, the VersaDesk is the perfect addition to every Smart, from Micro to Quarto.



Desk Image

Single Boomerang

This one-person configuration suits all the buildings in the range but is especially suitable in the Solo and Micro. 2m +2m


Double Boomerang
For two people, the Double boomerang suits the interiors of the Duo and the Trio, providing excellent space for two people.



Can be used by two people, but tends to be popular as a one-person workspace offering an unparalleled 2m+3m+2m workspace.



Clip in frame’ aluminium venetian blinds to add a touch of luxury and privacy.


Manufactured in the UK to our specification, these blinds are very high quality and will compliment your Smart beautifully.


Finished in white aluminium, these blinds are both slimline and attractive and have the added benefit of clipping into the framework of your doors and windows, so are very unobtrusive and give a polished look.


The Personal Touch

Book nook etc image


The Book Nook option offers a tranquil retreat and a comfortable window seat with a simply enormous amount of shelves for books and all manner of storage. The large upholstered cushion and bolsters offer you an intimate space to kick back and relax while you peer out at the world through the adjacent window. We love this!
Designed to be fully integrated into the interior of the building, the Nook has matching timber trims and integral steps too.




In many locations a fitted deck will complement your Smart building. We offer a complete range of decks to suit your requirements, fitted by our team at the time of installation.
Created to fit your garden and to be within your budget, ask us to include a deck in your quotation when your garden is surveyed.



Exterior Lights
Our fixed bulkhead light, with a PIR sensor, offers discrete pedestrian light. The drop lantern provides a very pleasant light source and is ideal on the Suffolk Barn range.



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