Key Studio Range The Key Studio Range offers a delicate combination of elegance and durability

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The Key Studio Range Dimensions Prices Incl.VAT
Micro Measuring 2.1m x 2.1m (7ft 6ins x 7ft 6 ins) From £8,580
Solo Measuring 3.2m x 2.1m (11ft x 7ft 6ins) From £10,500
Extro Measuring  4.3m x 2.1m (14ft 6ins x 10ft 6ins) From £11,940
Duo Measuring 3.2m x 3.2m (10ft 6ins x 10ft 6ins) From £11,988
Trio Measuring 4.3m x 3.2m (14ft x 11ft) From £14,382
Quarto Measuring 5.3m x 3.2m (17ft 6ins x 10ft 6ins) From £16,770
Quinto Measuring 6.4m x 3.2m (21ft x 10ft 6ins) From £18,990

The Key Studio Range Features
Exterior Colours With the Key Studio you can truly personalise the chassis of this clever building to suit your garden and your lifestyle. With a choice of black or grey chassis and window and door frame colours, you can decide. Included in the price.
Carpets The carpet can be personalised to suit your preference too, to make it a room you really adore! There’s a whole range of choices: Gunmetal, Anthracite, Soft Blue, Sherwood Forest, Moorland Spring, Sandstorm or you can chose to have a boarded floor. Included in the price
Windows and Doors The windows and doors are configured to suit you, to make sure the building works perfectly in your garden. You can chose the style, type and positioning. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.
Lights and Fittings Fitted plugs, lights & light switches, ensure you have all your home comforts in your new space. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.
Roof lines This contemporary mono pitch roof line makes the Key Studio an unobtrusive and contemporary addition to any size of garden. Included in the price. *optional extra prices vary.
The Versadesk The Versadesk is the perfect desk for professionals and to get creative. It comes in different sizes to suit your new space and different colours to suit your style. Prices Vary
The Book Nook We simply love the BookNook here at Smart Garden Offices. We couldn’t think of anywhere better to retreat to. A comfy window seat encased in book shelves to hold all your favourite reads, it’s simply delightful.  Prices Vary

The Key Studio Range Prices Prices Incl.VAT
Micro An elegant and deceptively large space ideal as a one person office. From £8,580
Solo 3.2m x 2.1m internally, the Solo Key Studio is a strong and spacious one person office or garden retreat. From £10,500
Extro For longer and narrower gardens, the Extro will provide a spacious interior without compromising on style. From £11,940
Duo A perfectly proportioned and spacious 3.2m x 3.2m office, the Duo is a stylish two person office. From £11,988
Trio The perfect studio space at 14ft x 10ft 6ins From £14,382
Quarto The ideal home office space with room to spare at 17ft x 10ft 6in From £16,770
Quinto The ultimate home office, combining a modest, unassuming exterior with an enormous interior of 21ft x 10ft 6ins. From £18,990

The Key Studio Range Installation Prices Incl VAT
Micro Installed in just 1-2 days. From £8,580
Solo Installed in just 1-2 days. From £10,500
Extro Installed in just 2-3 days. From £11,940
Duo Installed in just 2-3 days. From £11,988
Trio Installed in just 2-3 days. From £14,382
Quarto Installed in just 2-3 days. From £16,770
Quinto Installed in just 2-3 days. From £18,990

Key Studio Range – Elegant Garden Offices

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