Why Smart Garden Offices certainly aren’t sheds…


Our garden rooms aren’t comparable to any other home offices, garden rooms, log cabins and certainly not an office shed…

Back in 2001, Charlie Dalton (Smart’s owner) needed somewhere comfortable, warm and spacious to work, away from the distractions of having a new family and busy home. A garden office cabin that could offer 365 days of warmth and comfort, that’s robust and strong and looks aesthetically pleasing. Apart from portakabins or an extension, Charlie couldn’t find anything on the market that offered what he was looking for, so he created one himself, with a bit of tweaking and some interventions from some of the best joiners and craftsmen in the UK, the rest is history and we’ve been manufacturing and installing them across the UK ever since.



What makes a Smart Garden Office so durable and strong…

Materials – There’s no cutting corners, there’s no “that will do” when it comes to creating and manufacturing a Smart garden room, every single piece of material we use is of the highest of quality, from high specification construction grade timbers from our certified FSC chain of custody suppliers, to the well renowned and respected Polyisocyanurate insulation, the materials are all of the highest of quality and sourced from reliable and respected suppliers.

Construction – It’s simple, when you’re in your Smart garden room, it should feel exactly the same as being in a room in your house. Our TuSC construction systems creates an impressive barrier between you and the elements and ensures an unparalleled feeling of strength and rigidity. It’s a simple yet incredibly effective and proven construction technique.

Placing the panels within our unique socketed chassis means that your building has an interlocking nature; where each component adds significantly to the torsional rigidity and structural integrity of the building. Giving you a solid and secure building and giving the TuSC system its name! The T represents the torsional rigidity provided by the Socketed (S) Chassis (C).



No, simply insulating a shed, log cabin or summer house, doesn’t make it a Smart Garden Office, there’s more to it than that. All our Smart rooms are insulated from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, to ensure all year round warmth and comfort. Just like a house, your Smart may need a bit of heating from time to time, however we recommend a very small portable electric heater, simply turned on at a low heat through the winter months. This is all you’ll ever need to do to ensure you’re Smart is always warm and comfortable.

Windows and doors –

Just like a house, all of our Smart garden rooms come complete with a set of double glazed windows and a door. The windows and doors exceed insurance expectations and reinforce the quality and strength of the Smart room.

The extras –There’s an array of fixtures and fittings that come with your Smart, making it feel even more intricate and detailed. A consumer unit, light fittings and plug sockets are included as standard in all our Smarts – as well as a fully fitted carpet! It’s the attention to detail and focus on high quality that make people fall in love with their Smart.


Log Cabins, summer houses and sheds are fantastic for occasional use, however if you’re looking for a room that can be used 365 days a year, in comfort and with ease, then without a doubt it’s a Smart that you need.

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